[Review] Jordana Matte Lipstick: #28 Natural

Hellooooo Ladies! 😉

How’re ya doin’? I’m so happy that I can finally have time to blog again and share beauty product’s reviews with you all. You know I’ve been very busy with school stuffs (and TONS of HOMEWORK) lately, tiring yet so much fun…I can’t complain, I’m so proud I’m a professional make-up artist – in the making. LOL 😀

So today I’ll review about Jordana Matte Lipstick: #28 Natural. I’ve been curious and eyeing over this baby (or this brand) since last year, ’cause I’ve heard and read so many good reviews from other beauty bloggers about the superb quality and super affordable price. This product not as popular as other affordable make-up brand like e.l.f, NYX, or Wet n Wild, and kinda hard to find here in Indonesia. I bought this product from an online seller on Instagram, and sold this lipstick at IDR. 48.000 or around $4. 😉


Anyway, I have a problem of choosing matte lipstick. It’s because I have an extremely dry lip, and all matte lipsticks always look horrible on me. I also have problem of choosing lipstick shades by only searched it on Google, mostly they don’t suit my skin tone. But I don’t know, since I’m very curious about this product, I think it’s okay to buy, yet it’s very cheap (cheaper than NYX or Wet ‘n Wild) and even if i buy wrong shade, I think it will hurts nobody. 😛

This product comes with very classic (or old? looks like cosmetics packaging in 80-90’s) packaging and lettering, just simple lipstick tube with black and gold color and transparent cap. The lipstick is not fully retract on the tube so if you don’t put the cap back carefully, it will scratch the lipstick. The packaging does look very cheap (compared with e.l.f or Wet ‘n Wild), but you’ll stop complaining about the packaging right after you give it a swath on your lip. It’s very impressive! The color payoff and surprisingly suits my skin tone as well.


Jordana Matte Lipstick: #28 Natural is a warm rosy- brown nude shade that looks very pretty on Asian skin. It doesn’t look pale on dark skin, glides smoothly, and leave no drying sensation (not like Wet ‘n Wild Megalast series…meh!), cover/conceal dark lips very well and great for daily use (this is my current MLBB lipstick!). This product lasts for 3-4 hours on my lip without eat/drink activities. It does sink into your lip’s cracks/wrinkles (especially if you have an extremely dry lip just like me!), but not too much, so I’m still okay with that. Just need a little help from my EOS Lip Balm Lemon Drop SPF15 (click here, for review!) as base coat and problem solved! (even it will be not “matte-finish” enough, tho’)


Aaa…yesterday I also read about this brand’s company profile on the Jordana Cosmetics official website, and I quite surprised knowing the products are still Made in USA, while other low-price USA cosmetics brand products are Made in China or PRC. So I think the quality control still better than other lower-price brand that already have their mass production in China.

Pros: CHEAP!!!, pretty shade – suits Asian skin tone very well and great for daily/to-go MLBB lipstick, velvety matte finish, won’t drying your lips, Made in USA.

Cons: The packaging does look fragile and cheap and hard to find the seller in Indonesia.

That’s all for today, Ladies…can’t wait for weekend to come so I’ll be homework-free and have another time to blog.

Mwah! :*


[Review] Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick #970 Purty Persimmon

Hello pretties!

It’s me again! 😀 Now I’m back with short review about lippy product. It’s Wet n Wild #970 Purty Persimmon. Long time no lipstick review, eh? There’s a story behind why I bought this lipstick. I wanted to try a lipstick from Wet n Wild, ’cause I heard everywhere that this product got good review with affordable price. Actually I wanted to buy the other shade #969 24 Carrot Gold, but was out of stock. But then Google suggested me this shade, which kinda similar but with more intense reddish base.


 The packaging is really nothing special, but it seems not sturdy and not travel friendly. So let’s just jump about the lippy. This product is a semi-matte lipstick, the texture is in between buttery and kind of dry, but still glides smoothly on my lips. The color also very intense, even just put 1x swap on my lips. It’s dominant with true red base with a little hints of orange. The orange hue almost invisible, if you don’t pay attention, you won’t see the orange hue. I quiet like this shade and the staying power (last 4-5 hours without eat/drink activities) , but I’m not sure I will wear it too often, ’cause the color is too bold for daily make-up, yet I still wanted to own the #969 24 Carrot Gold but mostly sold out everywhere! 😦


Pros: good quality with affordable price, intense color, good staying power.

Cons: the packaging looks fragile, and the clear cap tend to scratch the lipstick if you’re not carefully put the cap back.

See you girls on the next review! 😀