My B’day Wishlist

Hello world! 🙂

It’s been a while I have no blogging activities, and I’m sorry for my MIA. I still can’t believe how school really stole my social (media) life! And now I’m come back with…a B’day Wishlist (d’oh! I know you guys are expecting another reviews) cause it’s only 3 days countdown to my 27th B’day (yeah, I’m old and I’m proud! 😛 ). I promise I’ll blog again as soon as this final exam’s week ends, ok? So, you guys wanna know what I really really want for my B’day? Let’s start, shall we? 😀


1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick: Rose


Well, I’m just an ordinary woman, I can’t resist over a good review about the best selling products from a brand. Of course I would like to give it a try. I never own any of Bobbi Brown products yet (I can’t stand the price!), so I think I will start with this product. There are 2 Bobbi Brown tenant here in Surabaya, I already tried the 2 shades available in the store (Rose and Bronze), and I think I will go with the Rose one, cause it gives me pretty flush and instant healthy glow over my cheek bones, while the Bronze one just too much shimmery gold hue (in my opinion) and the color doesn’t even wanna come up on my medium/dark skin. 🙂

2. Guerlain Perles


This is a product that I really wanted to try, but still don’t know when will I can afford this, cause the price is soooo darn expensive! I’m a budget blogger, I know i should get this thing out of my head (and my wishlist of course! 😛 ) but somewhat I really am curious with the product either I’m only interest with the packaging (HA! I’m a sucker of any vintage and luxurious packaging), yet I still don’t know which shade I wanted to own. I heard that the pearls also really fragile, I’m afraid if I buy it online (online price are way cheaper than in the Guerlain tenant here in Surabaya), I will receive this product in dust/powdery form. Maybe this product will only stay on my wishlist. 😦

3. Lorac Unzipped Palette


Remember, I ever said that one neutral palette is never enough? This is why I’m still craving over another one neutral palette. It’s the latest palette from Lorac, I’ve been reading so many reviews and found out this palette looks similar with Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, but I’m sure this product is better as the reviews said. (I wish! Cause I may say I dislike the UD’s pigmentation of Naked series, it’s really poor without helping hand of primer potion). I like this palette better than the Lorac Pro, cause the Lorac Pro shades are way too smokey.

4. EM Michelle Phan: Beach Life Palette


Once I said I wanted to have one of Life Palette from EM Michelle Phan, and now I have decided that I really want the Beach Life Palette. This palette has wide range of colors from pink to blue to neutral shades, I think the shades will also look stunning for medium/dark skin (well, I need something more brighter and vibrant…I have major problem with pastel/soft shades). But again, I must save more money to buy this…cause this is definitely not a cheap product, but compared with the price of Guerlain, sure this one is even more worth to buy! 😀

5. EcoTools: Fresh and Flawless Complexion Set


Becoming a pro make-up artist, I started to exchange my weapons (read: brushes) into better quality one. After owned and tried some brushes from Masami Shouko, Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, and Sigma Mrs. Bunny (all are synthetic bristles and cruelty free and all reviews are coming up! 😀 ), now I want to own this series from EcoTools. Many review said that this product works effortlessly to create flawless complexion but the only I concern about is the tiny size (even smaller than any travel size brushes)…this made me think twice to spent $25 for tiny brushes. Ok, maybe this is the cheapest among all of my wishlist, but once again, maybe I only attracted with the oriental vintage design on its ferule LOL.

Exam week will ends on Tuesday along with my birthday…I should be happy with this so I wish I could celebrate my birthday with people I love happily and burden free hahaha. 😛 I’ll be back with my birthday haul soon! (I wish I can already include some product from this wishlist. Amen.)

Have a great weekend and enjoy Easter! Mwah! :*


[Review] Sephora Hello Kitty Brush Set – replica

Yayy! Finally I got this Sephora – Hello Kitty brush set (replica)! They look similar with the authentic one, just came with no Hello Kitty container/brush holder and the lip brush is just different. You can find this item on eBay…don’t be surprised if this item costs less than $5, with free shipping from China, hahaha!

The very 1st thing I noticed from this brush set is the size, very tiny (9-11 cm)…more like travel size brush set-or toy brush set for kids! and what I really like from this brush set is, they came with very cute broken white-shocking pink ombre brush tips! But you will lost this excitement as soon as this brush set had contact with your eyeshadow/blush on, cause the color will never be the same again. (this pic taken before the brushes had contact with any make up).

This brush set also came with function-guide on each brush (Face, Eyashadow, Shader, Angled eyeliner, Lip), so if you think that you’re make-up illiterate (just like me! :p), this brush set might help. They’re not really bad to blend eyeshadow/blush on. Actually I dissapointed with the face brush…sucks!!! cause it wasn’t as soft as I expected (or it’s only me that over-expected?). Pff (murah njaluk slamet…LOL!), so I had to put on baby shampoo and conditioner to softened the brush tip. But, don’t worry, the other 4 are better, softer, nice, and sturdy…even they do look very cheap! The face brush actually also got better after “softening” process.

So, here’s the pic…overall rating from me: 4.5/10. 😛

Pro: Pink ombre brush tips – it’s just my weakness over something pink. *sigh*

Cons: All that I mentioned above! 😀

P.S.: go search on google about the authentic brush set review. Spoiler: same. Sucked. Never buy the authentic. This brush set was completely trash and pricey ($40/set)!


Adele’s eyes with Naked 2

Adele's eyes

So, last week I watched Promise Phan’s Adele make-up Transformation tutorial… *actually I tried this look to maximalized my Naked2 LOL!*

Yeah, I love Adele…she proved me that plus size girl can be that sexy!

I got this palette from a friend as a souvenir. This palette very pigmented  as well and suits to create any smokey shades. But somehow some shades look too ashy for medium-dark skin with warm undertone just like me. If you have cool undertone, I’m sure this palette will suits you even better. 🙂

Here’s the package and swatches…



*click for larger image :)*