[Review] Coastal Scents GO Palette : Beijing


 Here I am, back with eye shadow palette review again! 😀

I always wanted to own Coastal Scents palette, ’cause I’ve read everywhere that Coastal Scents always get very good review. But I think having 88 eye shadow palette is too much for personal use, and remind useless until it reached the expiry date, yet the packaging is too bulky and not travel friendly. This is why I always avoid buying big eye shadow palette. Then I found this palette which is very compact, lightweight, and travel friendly. If you’re travel a lot, I recommend you to have this palette, ’cause the palm-size packaging will go with any purse size, even the small one. 🙂


 I find it interesting about these eye shadow series, Coastal Scents have brilliant idea about inventing 12 colors eye shadow palette, and each palette has its own theme and named by cities around the world, there are: Cairo, Beijing, London, Paris, Moscow, Sidney, and Nuuk. Every colors combination on each palette represents the dominant colors that describes the name of the city. From all of those palette, I have chosen Coastal Scents GO Palette : Beijing, I was in 2 option between Cairo or Beijing, but then I go for Beijing ’cause I have already too much neutral color palette (like in Cairo), and I love the color combination of this palette that have dominant rosy-pink and mauve shade, but still wearable for daily make-up. Somehow it reminds me about some shades on the new Naked 3. I choose Beijing ’cause I also read some review before, and said this palette has the best pigmentation among all the GO Palette series.

This palette came with “traveler” theme packaging, there are maps in the front side (different maps each palette), and compass in the back of the card box. The GO Palette lettering also interesting cause there’s a globe on it. This palette also came with lightweight black plastic , and huge mirror, but too bad no eye shadow applicator. It would be perfect if this palette also has applicator on it.


The texture of all these 12 eye shadows are creamy, pigmented, and I can swatch them easily. Even though some colors contain micro glitter, I don’t find any problem with flakey or powdery texture. All these color also showed up very well on my medium-dark Asian skin. Too bad I can’t find any matte eye shadow here, all are satin finish, shimmer, and contain micro glitter. If you’re a big fan of matte eye shadow, then this palette is definitely not for you. 😀 But I think it’s not a major problem since this palette has some deep shades that  very pigmented and effective to define the crease, outter V, or use as liner along your lower lash line.


Pros: compact size & lightweight, travel friendly, came with big mirror, great pigmentation.

Cons: came with no applicator, no matte color.

Have you tried any Coastal Scents GO Palette, Ladies? Which one is your favorite? 😉