[Review] Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick #970 Purty Persimmon

Hello pretties!

It’s me again! 😀 Now I’m back with short review about lippy product. It’s Wet n Wild #970 Purty Persimmon. Long time no lipstick review, eh? There’s a story behind why I bought this lipstick. I wanted to try a lipstick from Wet n Wild, ’cause I heard everywhere that this product got good review with affordable price. Actually I wanted to buy the other shade #969 24 Carrot Gold, but was out of stock. But then Google suggested me this shade, which kinda similar but with more intense reddish base.


 The packaging is really nothing special, but it seems not sturdy and not travel friendly. So let’s just jump about the lippy. This product is a semi-matte lipstick, the texture is in between buttery and kind of dry, but still glides smoothly on my lips. The color also very intense, even just put 1x swap on my lips. It’s dominant with true red base with a little hints of orange. The orange hue almost invisible, if you don’t pay attention, you won’t see the orange hue. I quiet like this shade and the staying power (last 4-5 hours without eat/drink activities) , but I’m not sure I will wear it too often, ’cause the color is too bold for daily make-up, yet I still wanted to own the #969 24 Carrot Gold but mostly sold out everywhere! 😦


Pros: good quality with affordable price, intense color, good staying power.

Cons: the packaging looks fragile, and the clear cap tend to scratch the lipstick if you’re not carefully put the cap back.

See you girls on the next review! 😀


[Review] MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Hey, dolls!

How’s your weekend going? I can’t believe it’s already February, means Valentine’s only 13 days ahead. Many couple will get married this month, means I will have more time to play with my make-up for attending their wedding days! 😀 Today’s review is about another eye shadow palette, and another neutral palette I have. It’s Makeup Academy (MUA) Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette!


I can’t get enough with neutral palettes, ’cause they’re pretty much wearable daily, in anytime and any occasions. This is why I never regret having more neutral palettes, ’cause I knew I will use them often and won’t left them useless in my train case.  But did you know that finding neutral palettes for tanned Asian skin like mine is kinda tricky? ‘Cause we need warmer shades, with hints of bronze, gold, and warm chocolate, these colors come up pretty nice on my skin. Wearing cool-toned brown, taupe, greyish shade will only made my skin looks dull! 😦 So, I’ll never stop trying to find the right neutral palette for myself.


The very first time I heard about this brand was when I read some reviews about MUA Undressed and MUA Undressed Me Too that claimed as dupes for Urban Decay NAKED and NAKED2. But I didn’t buy those 2 shades, ’cause I wanted to try something else, but still in a neutral-color range…then I found this palette! From those reviews I also knew that MUA palettes are worth to try, ’cause the price is very cheap (I bought at $10), with those decent  pigmentation. The pan on this palette looks similar with Sleek i-Divine, black, simple, made of plastic, but looks professional, even IMHO, MUA‘s packaging does looks cheaper, not as sturdy as Sleek‘s and came with no card box and mirror. But I still like the packaging though, especially the clear lid that made us easily peek what’s inside the pan. 😉


Product’s claim: “A beautiful collection of eyeshadows that will enhance your eyes to give the perfect natural look.” Okay, let’s go to the swatches…!! As you can see in the picture bellow, this palette has all shimmery texture, no matte shade included. The colors in the 1st row like pearly white with hint of pink, bronze, copper and gold, are warmer than the 2nd row, that have cooler-toned and deeper taupe-brownish colors. I have a little issue with some shades that hardly to swatch and the kind of dry texture, but I’m still okay with that. Since these shades are all in bronze-brownish hue, I can’t really create smokey look using this palette, I still wish they could include at least one matte-black eye shadow.


Pros: cheap, warm neutral colors that suit my skin, decent pigmentation.

Cons: came with no mirror, all are shimmer-no matte color included, some shades are dry and hardly to swatch! >.<

Well, that’s all for today, kids! I hope this is my last neutral to-go palette…but I’m not sure cause right now I’m currently eyeing on Physicians Formula’s Warm Nude Shimmer Strip! :)))) (HELP!!! I can’t stop buying neutral palettes!!!)

Have anyone tried MUA‘s palettes before? Which one is your fave? 😉

[Review] Red-A Compact Powder Translucent

 Hello cantik!

Kali ini saya kembali me-review salah satu produk lokal yang sangat recommended. Ceritanya saya iseng aja beli produk ini pas lagi jalan-jalan. Begitu ngeliat di etalase langsung jatuh cinta sama packaging dan penampakannya. Kemasannya pink, dan isinya mozaik warna-warni. Lucuuuu!!! Sekilas produk ini mirip bedak & blush on high-end merk luar negeri yang mahal, tapi untuk satu buat produk ini saya cukup membayar IDR. 20.500 saja. W-O W! 😀


Yap! Produk ini adalah Red-A Compact Powder Translucent. Claim dari produk ini adalah: “Compact Powder transparan yang unik karena dapat mengikuti warna kulitmu sehingga menghasilkan tampilan sehari-hari yang natural dan fresh. Teksturnya ringan untuk kulit wajah. Mengandung Emollient dan Moisturizer untuk menjaga kelembaban kulit, serta Oil Absorber untuk menyerap kadar minyak berlebih pada wajah. Bisa juga digunakan sebagai Finishing touch untuk menciptakan hasil riasan wajah transparan dan berkilau.”


Seperti yang kita semua tahu, Red-A ini adalah salah satu brand kosmetik lokal terkemuka, “adik” dari Viva Cosmetics yang segmentasinya ditujukan untuk remaja. Dari jaman saya masih SD sudah ada iklannya di TV-TV. (Masih inget banget jingle iklan-nya di awal 1990-an “Sepatu bersisik…Asikkk! Kulit bersisik…ihh, amit-amiittt!!” LOL jebakan umur sekali nulis ginian, pemirsaaa). Saya sekarang emang sudah bukan remaja lagi sih, tapi saya masih suka aja sama produknya hohoho, beberapa produk Red-A lainnya sudah pernah saya coba, tapi kesempatan buat nyobain produk yang satu ini baru kesampaian. aja 😀


Dari namanya aja udah jelas bahwa produk ini memberi coverage yang transparan di kulit, ketika di-swatch sih warna-warni yang di pan-nya tetep putih jatuhnya, dan surprise!!! Contains micro-glitter! Tapi glitter-nya nggak terlalu heboh, jadi tetep oke untuk pemakaian sehari-hari. Karena produk ini transparan alias ngikutin warna kulit/foundation, oke juga buat finishing touch make-up untuk ke party, dengan pemakaian lebih tebal untuk mendapat efek glittery yang lebih intense. Selain itu produk ini mengandung Oil Absorber, jadi memberi kesan matte dan nggak bikin berminyak pas dipakai. (Padahal kulit saya berminyak banget, lho!) 😉


(Compact powder brand luar yang dengan packaging & formula serupa…tapi kalo ada yang murah, kenapa harus beli yang mahal, ya nggak? 😀 )

Pros: Cheap!!! cute packaging, nice smell, contains oil absorber.

Cons: Nggak ada ah! Suka! 😀

Sekian review saya kali ini, Ladies…sudah ada yang coba produk Red-A lainnya? 😀

[Review] Milani Brow Fix – brow kit: 03 Dark

Hey pretties! 😉

I’m back again with another review today, and today’s review is about my current favorite kit to sculpting eyebrows. I spent my whole life wearing eyebrow pencil, but now I’m just a step ahead, ’cause right now I started to use brow powder/brow kit to shape, fill, and sculpting my eyebrows.


So I purchased this Milani Brow Fix – brow kit: 03 Dark just 2 weeks ago. I’ve chosen this product ’cause I think this one came as a complete brow kit and the price is very affordable. This product came with 2 shades of brow powder, 1 hi-liter, 1 sponge applicator, 1 angled brush, and mini tweezer. 🙂


If you’re new at this (just like me!), and have no idea what to do with the kit, then no need to worry. ‘Cause the instruction is also included in the package and it’s pretty easy to follow the steps to get the perfect eyebrows.


I have no problem with the brow powder pigmentation, but I find the hi-liter is kinda hard to work with, cause the shade is too dark for my skin yet too glittery, the sponge applicator also doesn’t help, the hi-lite powder like hardly to stick into it. I also find a little trouble with the super mini tweezer. I think it’s just too small and the tip is just too sharp and may harm your skin. 😦 The mirror also doesn’t help, I still need a bigger one. 😀


This is how I did my brows with this Milani Brow Fix, it’s not bad at all right? At first I can’t do as neat as this, but practice makes perfect right? It takes 1 week or so to get to use with this brow kit and I finally can build the perfect (in my opinion) shape of eyebrows.

Pros: Pigmented, creamy texture, buildable, a bit powdery but it’s ok. 🙂

Cons: too dark shade for hi-lite, the applicators are way too small to work with.

I’m not sure I will repurchase this, and I’m waiting for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony to arrive…review is coming soon! ‘Cause I need something bolder and darker for my eyebrows! 😀

[Review] BeautyBlender

Hello Ladies! 😀

It’s been a while, I’m sorry I missed 2 weeks without posting any. Now I’m back with another review! Who never heard about the famous BeautyBlender? It’s like everybody is talking about this tiny stuff within the last 1 year. Well, BeautyBlender provide a new innovation of applying make-up and stole every make-up enthusiasts’s hearts out there in sudden, and replaced the function of foundation brush, sharp angled sponge, even fingers! 😀


 To be honest, I never find it comfortable to apply foundation using a foundation brush. I don’t know, for me foundation brush kinda hard to work with and always takes more time to spread the liquid foundation evenly all over my face. This is why I always use finger to apply foundation, or sponge sometimes, but rarely. 😛 But then, I think I’m tired to always clean my hands up after applying, and remove some foundation that trapped in my nail sometimes. So, why not just give this little stuff a try? 😉

 I’ve been eyeing on this stuff since last year, but the price always made me think thousand times to put this stuff into my shopping cart each time I saw this stuff in online stores. I mean, I just don’t want to spend my $20 for only a single sponge. But then I found a special offer from the Instagram of @beautyblender_indonesia who offer 40% off discount for their 1st 1000 followers. At that time, no need to think twice. Long story short, I purchased, and after I gave this a try, I’m so impressed with the way this sponge can spread liquid and creamy foundation evenly onto my skin…just bounce-bounce-bounce, then you will get flawless finished, and no regret of spent more than $10 just for a tiny sponge. (For me, $10 for a single sponge is still expensive. pfff!)


BeautyBlender is a tear drop-shaped blending sponge, that is very elastic and bouncy but  claimed  as latex free. BeautyBlender come with 3 variants; the original (vibrant fuchsia), pro (black), and pure (white – dye free). The most unique thing about this tiny sponge is when you damp it into the water, the sponge will quickly absorbs the water and become 2x larger than the original size (dry sponge). Even the size is getting bigger, I find it the pointy side of this sponge is still pretty much ergonomic to handle and precisely reaches the special spots like nose, corner of your lips and under eyes. 🙂


Million thoughts right through my mind about this BeautyBlender. How can I clean it? How can I dry it? Will it back to its original smaller size after drying? Will the color fades? and so on. Actually BeautyBlender has also launched special cleanser for the sponge called BlenderCleanser, but I didn’t purchase it, cause the cleanser costs even more expensive than the sponge (what the heck?!). I tried to clean it from foundation stain using baby shampoo but the stain still kinda hard to remove, but then I accidently wash it with Dove Beauty Bar (I’ll post the tutorial of how to clean BeautyBlender in other post, ok?), and the stain melted down easily with soap and water. And yes, the size will back to its original smaller size, but takes 2-3 days to make it completely dry in open air & room temperature. So, if you use it daily you won’t see it shrinks into smaller size day by day. Just give this sponge a break sometimes. 😀

Pros: this product is best applicator I’ve ever used to apply foundation in my life! 😀

Cons: SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!! and the pink dye will fades day by day…you will see a little pinkish color in the soap bubble while you’re washing it (maybe it’s because I don’t use the proper cleanser). If you concern about this dye, then you better choose the BeautyBlender Pure, which is dye-free. 🙂

Okay ladies, that’s all for today…I’ll be back tomorrow to post another review! If you have any alternative tips about washing/taking care of your BeautyBlender, just let me know. ‘Cause since it’s not cheap, I want this product lasts longer! 😛

[Review] Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips : #02 Bubble Pink

Maybe some of you already know that I’m not so into any Korean make-up products. If you’re wondering why, it’s because those products can’t even suit my skin tone, I’ve tried some BB things products, but sadly even the darkest shade they provide, still look way too light for my skin. Also all those bitter lipt tint products that I really HATE. Okay, stop complaining, ’cause today I’ll write a review about Korean product, but this is the only exception I guess, ’cause it’s MINNIE MOUSE!!! 😛


 I spent my childhood with lots of Minnie Mouse stuffs around me, all my stuffs were all Minnie Mouse on it, yet I’m such a sucker of cute packaging! So, its obviously I just can’t resist this lippy. It’s Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips : #02 Bubble Pink. Yes it’s collaboration of Etude House X Disney. From these Etude Minnie Mouse series I chose the lipstick ’cause I think I won’t go wrong with it, the other products are eye shadow, blush on & highlighter, false eyelashes, nail polish and nail glitter. 🙂


 You can read from the product’s claim written in the box: “This creamy lipstick provides a hydrating color with a soft shine.” Yes, this lipstick has very creamy texture and glides smoothly on my lips, also give my lips a little sheen finish. This lipstick has nice scent, like light floral perfume which I really like…was nothing I could complain about from this product. But then…shit happened! When I looked at into mirror, the pink does looks cheap and too “shocking” on my lips. I thought it would be very nice soft pink, but once I swatch and go outdoor it looks more like fluorescent pink and looks ugly on me, and I’m sure I won’t touch this lipstick too often…and worse, after some times, like 2-3 hours (without eat/drink activities), the lipstick became very cakey! 😦


It’s kinda hard and tricky for me to find any Korean products that suit me, I didn’t blame them since, Korean make-up is not everyone cup of tea. Maybe all those Korean products invented for eastern Asian girls who have dominant yellow undertone skin, or girls who use tons of whitening cream and tried so hard to look white! 😛 While I’m proud with my tanned brownish skin with more dominant red/very warm undertone. In the swatch pic above the pink looks soft, but trust me that the real color actually bolder than that. Maybe I will wear this lipstick again to go to some parties or I will just blog sale it! 😀

Pros: soft and creamy texture, won’t dry your lips, the packaging is to die for!  ❤

Cons: only available in 2 shades, less option and boring, pricey.

See ya! :*

[Review] Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

O zi buna!

No, no, I’m not gonna write a review in Romanian. I just wanted to say greeting in Romanian ’cause its related with today’s product review. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. It’s a facial spray, let’s say it’s the very first facial spray I have bought in my whole life, ’cause I never thought that I will need any facial spray to avoid any skin dehydrating problem since I have very oily skin. 😦 But I decided to buy after I read some reviews that Mario Badescu skin care formula are all skin type friendly.

Oh yeah, and what’s related with Romanian? It’s because I never realize and too much noticed about the name of this skin care before (I thought it was USA products hahaha – but well, it is!), until an annoying Romanian guy I talk to every day (oh hey, hello there! 😛 ), told me that “Badescu” is a Romanian name. Hmm, since then I read more about this skin care products history, and yes, Mario Badescu is a Romanian born chemist and cosmetologist who openned his own Salon & Spa in Manhattan in 1967, he also did extensive research and invented his own skin care line.


Product claim: “Once you tried this rejuvenating facial spray, you won’t want to be without it. Use it to set make-up, soothe your skin in dehydrating conditions or to give your skin a quick boost anytime, anywhere. Lightly mist over face and neck as needed.”


Since I don’t have any skin dehydration problems, I use this product more to set make-up. It makes your make-up lasts longer and make your skin look fresh like you just apply make-up. I also use this product to minimize the powdery look after applying face powder. It gives a little fresh and dewey look after I gave some mists over face, but not too glowy like those Korean “aura volumizer” products. This is why I like, since I really hate oily and glowy look. When I’m using this facial spray, my make-up lasts longer without giving too much re-touch and won’t make your foundation and powder became cakey.


This product has very nice dominant natural rose scent, and the formula as light as water. Won’t left any sticky sensation on my skin after applying. For me, this 118 ml bottle is enough for few months (better use 6 months after opening) and I don’t have any problem with the price either, since it’s really inexpensive and the products lasts for months.

Mario Badescu skin care also claimed as a Celebrity Skin Care: “From Martha Stewart to P. Diddy, and everyone in between, our celebrity skin care client list is a who’s who of the entertainment industry. Celebrities have long flocked to Mario Badescu products and salon treatments as the savior of their skin. Healthy, radiant skin is not just for Hollywood actresses and TV show hosts, however. Try our products or come in to the salon to find out for yourself what celebrity skin care really feels like.” This product also familiar and use by many Hollywood celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey, Cher, Jennifer Aniston, Antonio Banderas, Ben Stiler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Eva Longoria, Faith Hill, and maaaaaany more! This skin care also used for the casts of some popular series like The OC, Sex and the City, and Desperate Housewives. 

Okay ladies, that’s all for today! I’ll be back tomorrow and write another review, ’cause sooo many products are waiting to be reviewed already. For more information about other Mario Badescu skin care products, you can visit the official website www.mariobadescu.com or www.mariobadescu.ro 🙂

Have you tried any Mario Badescu skin care products? Which one is your favorite? 🙂