My B’day Wishlist

Hello world! 🙂

It’s been a while I have no blogging activities, and I’m sorry for my MIA. I still can’t believe how school really stole my social (media) life! And now I’m come back with…a B’day Wishlist (d’oh! I know you guys are expecting another reviews) cause it’s only 3 days countdown to my 27th B’day (yeah, I’m old and I’m proud! 😛 ). I promise I’ll blog again as soon as this final exam’s week ends, ok? So, you guys wanna know what I really really want for my B’day? Let’s start, shall we? 😀


1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick: Rose


Well, I’m just an ordinary woman, I can’t resist over a good review about the best selling products from a brand. Of course I would like to give it a try. I never own any of Bobbi Brown products yet (I can’t stand the price!), so I think I will start with this product. There are 2 Bobbi Brown tenant here in Surabaya, I already tried the 2 shades available in the store (Rose and Bronze), and I think I will go with the Rose one, cause it gives me pretty flush and instant healthy glow over my cheek bones, while the Bronze one just too much shimmery gold hue (in my opinion) and the color doesn’t even wanna come up on my medium/dark skin. 🙂

2. Guerlain Perles


This is a product that I really wanted to try, but still don’t know when will I can afford this, cause the price is soooo darn expensive! I’m a budget blogger, I know i should get this thing out of my head (and my wishlist of course! 😛 ) but somewhat I really am curious with the product either I’m only interest with the packaging (HA! I’m a sucker of any vintage and luxurious packaging), yet I still don’t know which shade I wanted to own. I heard that the pearls also really fragile, I’m afraid if I buy it online (online price are way cheaper than in the Guerlain tenant here in Surabaya), I will receive this product in dust/powdery form. Maybe this product will only stay on my wishlist. 😦

3. Lorac Unzipped Palette


Remember, I ever said that one neutral palette is never enough? This is why I’m still craving over another one neutral palette. It’s the latest palette from Lorac, I’ve been reading so many reviews and found out this palette looks similar with Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, but I’m sure this product is better as the reviews said. (I wish! Cause I may say I dislike the UD’s pigmentation of Naked series, it’s really poor without helping hand of primer potion). I like this palette better than the Lorac Pro, cause the Lorac Pro shades are way too smokey.

4. EM Michelle Phan: Beach Life Palette


Once I said I wanted to have one of Life Palette from EM Michelle Phan, and now I have decided that I really want the Beach Life Palette. This palette has wide range of colors from pink to blue to neutral shades, I think the shades will also look stunning for medium/dark skin (well, I need something more brighter and vibrant…I have major problem with pastel/soft shades). But again, I must save more money to buy this…cause this is definitely not a cheap product, but compared with the price of Guerlain, sure this one is even more worth to buy! 😀

5. EcoTools: Fresh and Flawless Complexion Set


Becoming a pro make-up artist, I started to exchange my weapons (read: brushes) into better quality one. After owned and tried some brushes from Masami Shouko, Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, and Sigma Mrs. Bunny (all are synthetic bristles and cruelty free and all reviews are coming up! 😀 ), now I want to own this series from EcoTools. Many review said that this product works effortlessly to create flawless complexion but the only I concern about is the tiny size (even smaller than any travel size brushes)…this made me think twice to spent $25 for tiny brushes. Ok, maybe this is the cheapest among all of my wishlist, but once again, maybe I only attracted with the oriental vintage design on its ferule LOL.

Exam week will ends on Tuesday along with my birthday…I should be happy with this so I wish I could celebrate my birthday with people I love happily and burden free hahaha. 😛 I’ll be back with my birthday haul soon! (I wish I can already include some product from this wishlist. Amen.)

Have a great weekend and enjoy Easter! Mwah! :*


[Review] NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: #604 Milk

Hey hey hey… 😀

How’s life, Ladies? I’m back with another review about NYX product. It’s NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil: #604 Milk. This product is one of most popular from products from NYX Cosmetics, or I can say this is the best selling shade among NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil shades. I bought this shade because it’s a neutral shade that would be easy to work with. 😉


This product also known as multi-function eye products, you can use it as eyeshadow base and help to pop out the bright eyeshadows, or use it as eyeliner for your waterline/lower lash line, or you can also use it to highlighte under your brow bones to make your eyebrows look neat and clean. 🙂 I use this more as eyeliner, (Well, you know I can’t live without eyeliner and eyebrow kit…it’s ok to use no make-up, but please NOT without eyebrow kit and eyeliner!), but lately I think that black winged eyeliner is boring. LOL. White eyeliner will also give your eyes an instant brighter look. Put white eyeliner along your waterline and your eyes will look even more “awake”.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil has wide range of shades from matte to metallic, that will let you create any kind of look for any occasion. This product also have good pigmentation and the colors also buildable. Things I dislike from this product are the size and its creasing problem, the pencil is too big for Asian typical eyes (it’s JUMBO Eye pencil…what do you expect? D’oh!), the tip can’t precisely create thin line (you’ll need a little help from angled eyeliner brush), plus it requires sharpening. It has no waterproof or smudge-proof formula, so you will need to re-apply every time it’s creasing or getting fade. Pfff.


(I blend it as brow high-liter, and use it as eyeliner)

Pros: Matte finish, intense color, pigmented, multi-function: as eyeshadow base, eyeliner, and highlighter.

Cons: Major creasing problem, requires sharpening, can’t precisely draw thin line 😦

That’s all for today kids, see ya super soon! :*

[Review] Jordana Matte Lipstick: #28 Natural

Hellooooo Ladies! 😉

How’re ya doin’? I’m so happy that I can finally have time to blog again and share beauty product’s reviews with you all. You know I’ve been very busy with school stuffs (and TONS of HOMEWORK) lately, tiring yet so much fun…I can’t complain, I’m so proud I’m a professional make-up artist – in the making. LOL 😀

So today I’ll review about Jordana Matte Lipstick: #28 Natural. I’ve been curious and eyeing over this baby (or this brand) since last year, ’cause I’ve heard and read so many good reviews from other beauty bloggers about the superb quality and super affordable price. This product not as popular as other affordable make-up brand like e.l.f, NYX, or Wet n Wild, and kinda hard to find here in Indonesia. I bought this product from an online seller on Instagram, and sold this lipstick at IDR. 48.000 or around $4. 😉


Anyway, I have a problem of choosing matte lipstick. It’s because I have an extremely dry lip, and all matte lipsticks always look horrible on me. I also have problem of choosing lipstick shades by only searched it on Google, mostly they don’t suit my skin tone. But I don’t know, since I’m very curious about this product, I think it’s okay to buy, yet it’s very cheap (cheaper than NYX or Wet ‘n Wild) and even if i buy wrong shade, I think it will hurts nobody. 😛

This product comes with very classic (or old? looks like cosmetics packaging in 80-90’s) packaging and lettering, just simple lipstick tube with black and gold color and transparent cap. The lipstick is not fully retract on the tube so if you don’t put the cap back carefully, it will scratch the lipstick. The packaging does look very cheap (compared with e.l.f or Wet ‘n Wild), but you’ll stop complaining about the packaging right after you give it a swath on your lip. It’s very impressive! The color payoff and surprisingly suits my skin tone as well.


Jordana Matte Lipstick: #28 Natural is a warm rosy- brown nude shade that looks very pretty on Asian skin. It doesn’t look pale on dark skin, glides smoothly, and leave no drying sensation (not like Wet ‘n Wild Megalast series…meh!), cover/conceal dark lips very well and great for daily use (this is my current MLBB lipstick!). This product lasts for 3-4 hours on my lip without eat/drink activities. It does sink into your lip’s cracks/wrinkles (especially if you have an extremely dry lip just like me!), but not too much, so I’m still okay with that. Just need a little help from my EOS Lip Balm Lemon Drop SPF15 (click here, for review!) as base coat and problem solved! (even it will be not “matte-finish” enough, tho’)


Aaa…yesterday I also read about this brand’s company profile on the Jordana Cosmetics official website, and I quite surprised knowing the products are still Made in USA, while other low-price USA cosmetics brand products are Made in China or PRC. So I think the quality control still better than other lower-price brand that already have their mass production in China.

Pros: CHEAP!!!, pretty shade – suits Asian skin tone very well and great for daily/to-go MLBB lipstick, velvety matte finish, won’t drying your lips, Made in USA.

Cons: The packaging does look fragile and cheap and hard to find the seller in Indonesia.

That’s all for today, Ladies…can’t wait for weekend to come so I’ll be homework-free and have another time to blog.

Mwah! :*

[Review] Olay Total Effects 7 in one Anti-Ageing + Fairness Cream (Sponsored by YukCoba.In)

Kalau mendengar “Olay Total Effect”, pasti pikiran kita sudah langsung mengarah ke krim anti-ageing untuk usia 30-40 keatas. Iya nggak? Dulu sih saya mikirnya juga gitu. Tapi tanpa kita sadari, saat ini tanda-tanda penuaan dini mulai muncul di usia 20-an karena polusi, radikal bebas, pola hidup yang tidak sehat dll. Ketika usia saya 25, saya sadar bahwa kulit saya mulai menunjukkan tanda-tanda penuaan dini, seperti kerutan halus di bawah mata, pori-pori yang membesar, bintik hitam dan kulit kusam. Sebelum tanda-tanda penuaan makin visible dari hari ke hari, nggak ada salahnya dong melakukan tindakan perventif sebelum terlambat? Jadi walaupun usia saya belum 30 tahun, saya mulai meng-upgrade skin care saya ke produk-produk yang mengandung formula anti-ageing. 😉

Kali ini saya mendapat kesempatan untuk me-review Olay Total Effect 7 in one Anti-Ageing + Fairness Cream dari YukCoba.In. Menurut saya produk ini memiliki formula dan “penampilan” yang paling “unik” diantara varian produk Olay Total Effect lainnya. Olay Total Effect 7 in one Anti-Ageing+Fairness Cream ini berisi 2 macam krim berwarna putih dan kekuningan yang terlihat nge-swirl dari botolnya yang transparan, unik banget kan? Ada krim dengan fungsi anti-ageing dan serum pencerah dalam satu botol…plusss mengandung SPF 15 juga. Klaim dari produk ini adalah mampu melawan 7 tanda penuaan seperti; garis halus dan keriput, warna kulit tidak merata, bintik hitam, tekstur kulit tidak merata, kulit kering, kulit kusam dan pori-pori besar.


Produk ini punya aroma yang soft tapi cukup subtle dan bertahan cukup lama di kulit (tangan/wajah). Bagi yang kurang suka dengan skin care yang mengandung pewangi, mungkin scent nya ini bisa jadi agak mengganggu. Tapi berhubung saya nggak pernah ada masalah sama scented skin care, jadi oke-oke saja. 😀 Kemasan Olay Total Effect 7 in one Anti-Ageing + Fairness Cream ini juga sangat travel friendly, karena bentuk botolnya slim, jadi nggak makan tempat di tas/make-up pouch. Selain itu juga dilengkapi dengan pump, jadi kita nggak perlu buka-tutup seperti krim seperti pada kemasan jar, sehingga produk tetap hygienis.

Waktu pertama saya membaca informasi produk di kemasannya, klaim produk ini adalah “Formula yang tidak berminyak”, jadi saya sempat punya ekspektasi yang cukup tinggi bahwa produk ini akan bersahabat dengan kulit saya yang berminyak. Saat produk dikeluarkan, kedua krim langsung nge-blend jadi satu. Formulanya memang terasa ringan, namun saat diaplikasikan ke wajah, krim ini sedikit berminyak, membuat kulit jadi terasa licin dan sedikit lengket. Tapi sensasi lengket itu akan berangsur hilang setelah didiamkan kurang lebih 3 menit sampai krim cukup meresap.


Untuk ukuran moisturizer, menurut saya krim ini termasuk agak lama diserap oleh kulit. Sebaiknya produk ini juga digunakan terpisah dengan make-up, karena saat digunakan secara bersamaan, make-up menjadi kurang tahan lama dan wajah cepat berminyak. Mungkin lebih cocok untuk jenis kulit normal/kering. Namun setelah beberapa kali menggunakan produk ini terpisah dari make-up, saya merasakan adanya perubahan, terutama pada tekstur kulit yang semakin halus dan kenyal, kulit lebih cerah, serta pori-pori yang sedikit mengecil. Pastinya nggak bikin skin break-out sama sekali. 🙂

Pros: formulanya unik; 2 krim dalam satu botol, mengandung SPF 15, efektif melawan tanda-tanda penuaan dalam waktu yang cukup singkat, kemasan travel-friendly dan hygienis.

Cons: Ada sensasi lengket dan berminyak setelah pemakaian, kurang cocok untuk kulit berminyak, kurang cocok digunakan bersamaan dengan make-up, lama diserap oleh kulit

Review ini juga bisa dibaca di website YukCoba.In , isi formulirnya untuk mencoba banyak produk gratis lainnya! 😀

[Review] MAKE OVER Corrective Base Make Up: Greenish & Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation: Beige Blast

Hallo Hallo… 😀

Berhubung saya lagi dalam masa spending ban untuk decorative make-up, mulai sekarang sama bakal review lebih sering tentang complexion yaa. Kebetulan kali ini yang bakal saya review adalah salah satu produk lokal yang kualitasnya superb banget dan gak kalah sama high-end kosmetik import. Namaa brand-nya adalah MAKE OVER, udah pernah denger? Udah ada pernah pakai? Cusss, langsung aja yuk dimulai review-nya! 😛


Saya akan mereview 2 produk sekaligus dari MAKE OVER, yaitu MAKE OVER Corrective Base Make Up: Greenish & Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation: Beige Blast. Pertama kali “kenal” sama brand MAKE OVER ini sekitar pertengahan 2012, waktu itu ceritanya lagi ada konser salah satu choir di Surabaya, dan MAKE OVER jadi sponsor untuk make-up nya. Pertama kali ngelihat sih rada nggak “ngeuh” kalo ini produk lokal ya, abisnya packaging-nya kelihatan simple, elegan, dan professional banget mirip produk impor. Ternyata setelah saya baca brosurnya, brand ini masih satu pabrik sama Wardah. 🙂


Produk pertama yang akan saya review adalah MAKE OVER Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation: Beige Blast. Ceritanya saya emang lagi cari liquid foundation yang bisa memberi kesan matte, (karena kulit saya superrrr berminyak, dan selalu sukses bikin foundation luntur dalam waktu kurang dari 1 jam! 😦 ) dengan harga yang terjangkau, setelah googling review sana-sini banyak yang rekomen matt liquid foundation dari MAKE OVER ini.

Untuk shade-nya saya pilih Beige Blast, yang kebetulan paling masuk sama kulit yang berwarna sawo kematengan ini hohoho. Pernah baca di manaaa gitu, kalo pilih shade foundie emang harus yang 1 tingkat lebih gelap dari warna kulit kita biar hasilnya natural dan nggal “pektay”. 😛 Jujur agak rempong buat saya cari shade yang cocok buat kulit saya, apalagi kalo brand luar ya, selalu keputihan jatohnya, walau sudah pilih shade yang paling gelap sekalipun.


Tekstur liquid foundation ini bisa dibilang ringaaaan banget seperti pakai pelembab, dan gampang banget di blend baik dengan menggunakan jari, brush, atau blender sponge. Hasilnya? Bisa dibilang nggak 100% matte yang powdery gitu, tapi lebih ke velvety-finish (kandungan soft focus agent-nya efektif menyamarkan pori-pori wajah yang gede lho!), tapi nggak mengkilap. Itu sih yang penting, nggak mengkilap dan nggak luntur kena minyak! 😀 Foundation ini bisa bertahan seharian di muka saya setelah di set dengan loose powder. Tentunya ada rahasianya (halah!), dibalik foundation yang bisa bertahan lama diwajah kita. Mau tau? yuk langsung aja ke review produk yang kedua. 😉


Produk kedua yang saya review kali ini adalah, MAKE OVER Corrective Base Make Up: Greenish. Untuk Corrective Base Make Up ini, MAKE OVER punya 2 varian, yaitu Greenish (hijau) dan Cyanite (ungu). Fungsinya berbeda untuk tiap warna, yang Greenish cocok untuk kulit kemerahan, yang Cyanite cocok untuk memberi efek cerah pada kulit kusam yang cenderung gelap. Kulit saya sebenernya punya neutral under-tone, tapi ada kombinasi kusem dan kemerahan karena acne-prone juga *sigh*. Sama beauty advisor-nya disaranin beli dua-duanya (pinterrr ngerayu-nya haha) Tapi  akhirnya jadilah saya memilih yang hijau.


Fungsi Corrective Base Make-Up ini memang untuk mengurangi kemerahan di kulit (selengkapnya bisa dibaca di postingan saya yang ini) dan juga menetralisir red-pink undertone di foundation. Jadi selain fungsinya sebagai “base-coat” kulit kita dan bikin foundation lebih nempel, Corrective Base Make Up ini juga bikin hasil akhir foundation makin flawless, natural dan warnanya lebih nyatu sama kulit kita. Teksturnya yang ringan dan sejuk di kulit, bikin kita nggak ngerasa berat walau pakai make-up berlapis-lapis, selain itu bisa jadi pengganti moisturizer juga, jadi kalau pakai produk ini, nggak perlu lagi pakai pelembab sebelumnya. 🙂


(Swatch MAKE OVER Corrective Base Make Up dan Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation)


Dari foto di atas bisa dilihat, kalau perpaduan antara MAKE OVER Corrective Base Make Up: Greenish dan Ultra Cover Liquid Matte Foundation: Beige Blast bikin hasil akhir foundation lebih natural dan warnanya lebih menyatu dengan kulit, dan pastinya lebih tahan lama. 🙂

Pros: Kedua produk formula-nya ringan, nggak bikin skin break out. Shades-nya juga friendly untuk kulit wanita Indonesia. Affordable price. 😉

Cons: Untuk Foundation-nya kurang nampol aja sih formula matte & oil control-nya, karena saya masih ngerasa minyakan setelah kurang lebih satu jam pemakaian. Tapi tetep oke kok, it’s not a major problem since foundation-nya nggak luntur & nggak bikin belang+belepotan. 😀

That’s all for today, Ladies! Saya balik lagi besok dengan review produk complexion lainnya…banyak produk yang sudah antre buat di-review nih gegara saya kebanyakn absen nge-blog lately.

See ya! 😀

[Review] Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade : Ebony


Hello Sunshine! 😀

What’s up?  It’s only 3 days countdown to Valentine’s Day. Have you already prepare something special for your Valentine’s date with your loved one? Any special dress, perhaps? Or maybe just give a statement with your make-up? Why not give your brow a new look? so you will look different and special in Valentine’s day since brow is the frame of your face and the essential part of your make-up.

Today’s review is about the latest product from Anastasia Beverly Hills that launched just a month ago. Please welcome… *drum rolls* Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony. We all know that this product got many good reviews from many beauty bloggers, and nowadays this product is kinda hard to find and sold out everywhere. Well, it’s not a surprise I guess, since Anastasia Beverly Hills well known with the award winning brow products. 😉


 This product came in 5 shades; Blonde, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Ebony, and I purchased the Ebony, the shade which is pretty much closer to my natural hair color. Ebony ain’t a true black, but more like ashy dark with cool undertoned brown. It’s very suitable for Asian with natural dark brown/black hair like me. Actually I wanted to buy Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Ebony (all shades, except Blonde), cause I really like to change my hair color frequently, so I can mix and match this product with my current hair color. But since this product is super pricey, (especially here!!!) …let’s just try 1 shade and see how impressive is this product. 😀


Product’s claim: “Waterproof brow color ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that wont fade, smudge-free, creamy formula, glides on skin and adheres to hair. Must have for oily skin and humid climates. Tighten cap to prevent drying.”

When  I read this product’s claim, I instantly knew that this product would be puuuuurrrrrrfect and I think this product made for me. I DO have a combination skin with the extremely oily T-zone. And I DO live in a country with very very humid climates, which is always give me trouble with smudged eyebrow daily, and I have to re-apply again and again eyebrow pencil/brow powder every few hours because of my oily forehead and the hot weather that always made me sweat easily!


 The first time I gave it a try, I’m very impressed. It has even more soft creamy texture than gel eyeliner, but has the same rich and intense color. It glides smoothly and very easy to work with even with unbranded angled eyeliner/brow brush. The color payoff, just lightly dip with the tip of your angled brow brush, and build the color intensity as you desire. This product also quick dry, so its also suitable to use daily or when you’re in a hurry. But don’t worry, even it has quick dry formula, you’ll still can build your brow shape and color. And I did some waterproof and smudge test…let’s see how’s the result! 😀


1. This product is waterproof, oil-proof, and also sweat-proof. Believe me this product won’t ruined easily by liquid.

2. This product also smudge-free, the 2nd pick, I brutally (I really mean it!) rubbed the heart shape I made with the product, but this product just amazingly going nowhere. You can see a little smudge, but that’s not gonna happened if you just wipe your forehead with paper towel or blotting oil paper/film.

3. This product needs special waterproof eye make-up remover to remove this product completely from your brow. Without special make-up remover, this products will lasts for whole day. Now I don’t need to re-apply this product over and over again cause now my brows always stay in shape and place. 😉


This is how  Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony looks on my brows (please excuse my bare eyes! 😛 ). Looks very dark and intense, but perfectly adheres to my sparse brow hair and made it looks bolder. I’ll post a tutorial with this product later, ok? BTW, since this product already became my HG brow product, I won’t change my hair into a lighter shades, ’cause it will looks weird if I wear this dark or bolder color for my eyebrow with lighter hair color. I will finish this 1st jar, then try to repurchase the other shades. Darn you, ABH…why should be this expensive?! Hahahaha

Pros: All mentioned in product’s claim are so true! No lie! 😀

Cons: So damn pricey and sold out all shades almost everywhere… >.<

Repurchase??? HECK YEAH!!! The Chocolate shade is already on my wishlist!

So, are you ready to have a perfect eyebrow in Valentine’s Day? 🙂

[Review] Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer : Medium


Hey pretties! 😉

When did the first time you notice that you have already some fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes? And when was the first time you found it very disturbing? Well, I felt that lately. When I looked into mirror and noticed my under-eyes area, I was like “OMG…I’m growing old!!!” And I know that these fine lines will get even more and more visible day by day. I never really care about anti-aging products or any concealer for under-eye area before…but now I just can’t live without it! 😦


This is the very first concealer I bought, it’s Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer. I bought this online and I chosen the Medium shade cause I think it will suits my skin well, but after this product arrived and gave it a try…pfff, the shade is way too light for my skin, and was like less yellow base color. The first interesting thing  I noticed about this product is the dome-shaped sponge applicator tip. Just spin the red thing (this is the dispenser) under the applicator and the concealer will comes out of the sponge. But you need to be careful, cause the concealer tend to comes out too much! >.<


Another thing I dislike from this product is that the applicator doesn’t work properly, can’t spread or blend evenly, and the product also comes out more and more and out of our control! Still need a helping hand of concealer brush of course. I also concern about the bacteria that might grow in the applicator sponge since it’s always wet, even the sponge formulated with anti-bacteria. Okay, now let’s jump to the swatch, and let’s see the Goji Berry extract+Haloxyl will really reduce puffiness, dark circle and fine lines, since it has “treatment” formula! 😀


(Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in Medium – heavily swatched)


( way toooooo light for my skin! :((((((( )

You can see from the picture above that the concealer has matte and powdery finish. It would be perfect for my oily-combination skin I guess if only I choose the right shade. This product also has great staying power, and will lasts for the whole day without creasing, or become cakey. It also reduced my puffiness and conceal dark circle also fine lines.

Pros: matte-finish, long lasting, can reduce puffiness and conceal dark circle.

Cons: pricey!, the applicator is also useless and can’t dispense the product properly. 😦

Okay girls, that’s for today. What’s your current favorite under-eye concealer product? 😀