[Review] Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer : Medium


Hey pretties! 😉

When did the first time you notice that you have already some fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes? And when was the first time you found it very disturbing? Well, I felt that lately. When I looked into mirror and noticed my under-eyes area, I was like “OMG…I’m growing old!!!” And I know that these fine lines will get even more and more visible day by day. I never really care about anti-aging products or any concealer for under-eye area before…but now I just can’t live without it! 😦


This is the very first concealer I bought, it’s Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer. I bought this online and I chosen the Medium shade cause I think it will suits my skin well, but after this product arrived and gave it a try…pfff, the shade is way too light for my skin, and was like less yellow base color. The first interesting thing  I noticed about this product is the dome-shaped sponge applicator tip. Just spin the red thing (this is the dispenser) under the applicator and the concealer will comes out of the sponge. But you need to be careful, cause the concealer tend to comes out too much! >.<


Another thing I dislike from this product is that the applicator doesn’t work properly, can’t spread or blend evenly, and the product also comes out more and more and out of our control! Still need a helping hand of concealer brush of course. I also concern about the bacteria that might grow in the applicator sponge since it’s always wet, even the sponge formulated with anti-bacteria. Okay, now let’s jump to the swatch, and let’s see the Goji Berry extract+Haloxyl will really reduce puffiness, dark circle and fine lines, since it has “treatment” formula! 😀


(Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in Medium – heavily swatched)


( way toooooo light for my skin! :((((((( )

You can see from the picture above that the concealer has matte and powdery finish. It would be perfect for my oily-combination skin I guess if only I choose the right shade. This product also has great staying power, and will lasts for the whole day without creasing, or become cakey. It also reduced my puffiness and conceal dark circle also fine lines.

Pros: matte-finish, long lasting, can reduce puffiness and conceal dark circle.

Cons: pricey!, the applicator is also useless and can’t dispense the product properly. 😦

Okay girls, that’s for today. What’s your current favorite under-eye concealer product? 😀


4 thoughts on “[Review] Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer : Medium

  1. mbak mau tanya dong biasanya pake warna foundation atau bedak shade nya apa? aku mau beli maybelline yg medium juga cuma takut terlalu terang utk kulitku, makasih 🙂

    • aku sekitar NC30-35 MAC, shade 06 Laura Mercier, Medium Tan bareMinerals. menurut aku shade medium maybelline ini msh gpp untuk kulit medium-sawo mateng, aku skrg pake ini buat high light di bawah mata sama hidung say…bagus kok kalo udah dibaurin. Nggak cakey spt concealer EM cosmetics atau LA Girl HD. Lagian medium ini udah shade yg paling gelap hahaha…susahnya itu kalo produknya ga masuk sini, resiko jd keputihan ngikutin range shade bule. :”D

      • wah thanks yah mbak buat feedback nya, aku kepikiran buat beli antara yang medium atau honey. soalnya kalo pake mac shade aku NC40, kalau mufe hd foundie yang 128. Mbak kayaknya skintone nya sedikit lebih terang dari aku, pake medium keputihan yah? mungkin aku beli yang honey aja kali ya…

  2. oh…aku malah baru tau kalo ada shade honey. dulu beli online sih, kata sellernya ini udah paling gelap shade-nya. untuk warna kulit, aku agak dominan yellow toned tp punya dark circle kecoklatan & eye bag yg cetar membahana. thanks for stopping by anyway! :)))

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