[Review] Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box

Hello hello…

I’m back with another eyeshadow review (again??? *sigh*). And this is another preloved item I bought last month. I’m so excited, ’cause this is the very 1st original Urban Decay‘s palette that I bought, I used to have the premium replica of NAKED and NAKED 2 because I was just curious how they look on my skin. This product called Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box, the retail price was about $36 (exclude shipping fee from US), but I bought this as preloved item but still in an excellent condition (barely use/swatch) with only $18. 😀


 Urban Decay is a well known high end make-up line that already have many best selling palettes and have amazingly super pigmented formula for eyeshadows. The packaging of UD’s palettes also always this gorgeous, and always have touch of purple (except NAKED series). This shadow box came with silver metallic sturdy card box with magnetic closure and has fibery texture on its surface, and embellished with skull decoration in lilac color. I really like the packaging ’cause it’s kind of very modern and edgy. 😉


 This shadow box contains 9 best selling eyeshadows color from UD, all are glittery and shimmery finish,  and one of them already discontinued. The name of each shadow written below shadows pan but too bad it’s hardly captured by camera. On the 1st row (left to right): Cherry, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Grifter. On 2nd row: Vert (discontinued), Oil Slick, Shattered. And on the 3rd row: Blunt, Chopper, Twice Baked. 


Here’s how it swatched on my hand, as you can see the Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is hardly to swatch and with major flakey glitter problem which I really can’t stand! I may say, this shade I dislike most, ’cause the glitter just fall out everywhere. It’s also happened to Oil Slick, its hardly swatch ’cause the texture is very matte and dry even it doesn’t contain tons of glitter like Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. I have no problem with the rest shadows ’cause they all have buttery texture and showed pretty nice on my skin. Vert and Shattered has a little hint of gold sheen which I really like…and of course all those neutral shades in the 3rd row, Blunt, Chopper, and Twice Baked are very wearable for daily make-up.


All shades above were swatched without primer, and too bad almost all won’t lasts longer than 1 hour before they’re completely disappear. 😦 They’ll be easily gone even with only a gentle smudge. All of them really need a helping hand of eye base/primer/UDPP for maximum result.

Pros: All best selling colors combination in 1 compact palette, pigmented, love the packaging!

Cons: still need a helping hand of eye primer, some shades contains tons of glitter with major fall out problem.

See ya later folks! 🙂


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