[Review] Ben Nye Luxury Powder Banana & [FOTD] Re-creating Kim K. – look

Hey hey, Ladies!

How’s your Monday going? Today I’ll review about another famous product, which many beauty blogger already reviewed it, but I just got the chance to try the product by now. This product became popular ’cause Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist used this to contour and set her complexion. I think this is why so many people want to give this product a try and see how this product works on their skin…I mean, who doesn’t want flawless make-up finish like Kim K? or who doesn’t want to put their make-up in the same level as Kim K? 😀


It’s Ben Nye Luxury Powder Banana. Well, actually Ben Nye have more shades of these luxury powder series like Neutral, Cameo, Buff, and many more, but the most popular one is Banana, ’cause Kim K’s make-up artist put Banana to set her concealer and use as highlight. Banana is a shade with dominant yellow base, I thought the coverage would be as yellow as the powder I see in the jar, but after I gave this product a try, the coverage is kind of sheer (still have a little hint of yellow, but almost translucent…suits all skin color!) and effortlessly blends with your foundation or concealer.


Too bad this product came with very bulky packaging and not travel friendly. 1.5 & 3.0 oz sifter jar, even the 1.5 oz still way to bulky and the holes on the sifter are too big and will makes the product come out of the jar easily. So, for more practical use, I always transfer this product into a smaller powder jar. 🙂


Even this product has kind of sheer coverage, but once it completely blended with your make-up base, it will give superrrrrrr matte finish and have great staying power. Since this product is pricey (oops! :p ), I use this product only to set complexion under eyes and T-zone. I’m so impressed with the oil control formula on those spots. Just put a little amount of powder and use stipple blush to apply for super matte and flawless finish. 🙂

With this product I also tried to re-creating Kim K. look…LOL! (Mirror, please?! :p ), I know I can’t be like her. To create the smokey eyes, I need to even my skin around/under eyes out, so I put concealer and set it with Ben Nye Luxury Powder Banana. But, why should re-creating  Kim K. look?  Well, this product became popular because of her, so why not? Her make-up is always that perfect with sexy tan skin, smokey eyes, and nude sensual lips. I mean like every guys out there crazy over her, maybe not her make-up but her body, but who doesn’t want to have perfect make-up like her in every occasions? So with this product, we can have the Kim-K look anytime! 😀


(feel free to laugh or even puke! :)))) )

Pros: Great oil control formula, matte finish, and suits all skin color, fragrance free.

Cons: Damn pricey!!! Contains 3 types of paraben, (but if Kim is okay with that, why should we care? LOL), I wish this product have more subtle coverage.

Have you tried any Ben Nye Luxury Powder, Ladies? 😉


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