[Review] Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick #970 Purty Persimmon

Hello pretties!

It’s me again! 😀 Now I’m back with short review about lippy product. It’s Wet n Wild #970 Purty Persimmon. Long time no lipstick review, eh? There’s a story behind why I bought this lipstick. I wanted to try a lipstick from Wet n Wild, ’cause I heard everywhere that this product got good review with affordable price. Actually I wanted to buy the other shade #969 24 Carrot Gold, but was out of stock. But then Google suggested me this shade, which kinda similar but with more intense reddish base.


 The packaging is really nothing special, but it seems not sturdy and not travel friendly. So let’s just jump about the lippy. This product is a semi-matte lipstick, the texture is in between buttery and kind of dry, but still glides smoothly on my lips. The color also very intense, even just put 1x swap on my lips. It’s dominant with true red base with a little hints of orange. The orange hue almost invisible, if you don’t pay attention, you won’t see the orange hue. I quiet like this shade and the staying power (last 4-5 hours without eat/drink activities) , but I’m not sure I will wear it too often, ’cause the color is too bold for daily make-up, yet I still wanted to own the #969 24 Carrot Gold but mostly sold out everywhere! 😦


Pros: good quality with affordable price, intense color, good staying power.

Cons: the packaging looks fragile, and the clear cap tend to scratch the lipstick if you’re not carefully put the cap back.

See you girls on the next review! 😀


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