[Review] MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Hey, dolls!

How’s your weekend going? I can’t believe it’s already February, means Valentine’s only 13 days ahead. Many couple will get married this month, means I will have more time to play with my make-up for attending their wedding days! 😀 Today’s review is about another eye shadow palette, and another neutral palette I have. It’s Makeup Academy (MUA) Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette!


I can’t get enough with neutral palettes, ’cause they’re pretty much wearable daily, in anytime and any occasions. This is why I never regret having more neutral palettes, ’cause I knew I will use them often and won’t left them useless in my train case.  But did you know that finding neutral palettes for tanned Asian skin like mine is kinda tricky? ‘Cause we need warmer shades, with hints of bronze, gold, and warm chocolate, these colors come up pretty nice on my skin. Wearing cool-toned brown, taupe, greyish shade will only made my skin looks dull! 😦 So, I’ll never stop trying to find the right neutral palette for myself.


The very first time I heard about this brand was when I read some reviews about MUA Undressed and MUA Undressed Me Too that claimed as dupes for Urban Decay NAKED and NAKED2. But I didn’t buy those 2 shades, ’cause I wanted to try something else, but still in a neutral-color range…then I found this palette! From those reviews I also knew that MUA palettes are worth to try, ’cause the price is very cheap (I bought at $10), with those decent  pigmentation. The pan on this palette looks similar with Sleek i-Divine, black, simple, made of plastic, but looks professional, even IMHO, MUA‘s packaging does looks cheaper, not as sturdy as Sleek‘s and came with no card box and mirror. But I still like the packaging though, especially the clear lid that made us easily peek what’s inside the pan. 😉


Product’s claim: “A beautiful collection of eyeshadows that will enhance your eyes to give the perfect natural look.” Okay, let’s go to the swatches…!! As you can see in the picture bellow, this palette has all shimmery texture, no matte shade included. The colors in the 1st row like pearly white with hint of pink, bronze, copper and gold, are warmer than the 2nd row, that have cooler-toned and deeper taupe-brownish colors. I have a little issue with some shades that hardly to swatch and the kind of dry texture, but I’m still okay with that. Since these shades are all in bronze-brownish hue, I can’t really create smokey look using this palette, I still wish they could include at least one matte-black eye shadow.


Pros: cheap, warm neutral colors that suit my skin, decent pigmentation.

Cons: came with no mirror, all are shimmer-no matte color included, some shades are dry and hardly to swatch! >.<

Well, that’s all for today, kids! I hope this is my last neutral to-go palette…but I’m not sure cause right now I’m currently eyeing on Physicians Formula’s Warm Nude Shimmer Strip! :)))) (HELP!!! I can’t stop buying neutral palettes!!!)

Have anyone tried MUA‘s palettes before? Which one is your fave? 😉


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