[Review] Milani Brow Fix – brow kit: 03 Dark

Hey pretties! 😉

I’m back again with another review today, and today’s review is about my current favorite kit to sculpting eyebrows. I spent my whole life wearing eyebrow pencil, but now I’m just a step ahead, ’cause right now I started to use brow powder/brow kit to shape, fill, and sculpting my eyebrows.


So I purchased this Milani Brow Fix – brow kit: 03 Dark just 2 weeks ago. I’ve chosen this product ’cause I think this one came as a complete brow kit and the price is very affordable. This product came with 2 shades of brow powder, 1 hi-liter, 1 sponge applicator, 1 angled brush, and mini tweezer. 🙂


If you’re new at this (just like me!), and have no idea what to do with the kit, then no need to worry. ‘Cause the instruction is also included in the package and it’s pretty easy to follow the steps to get the perfect eyebrows.


I have no problem with the brow powder pigmentation, but I find the hi-liter is kinda hard to work with, cause the shade is too dark for my skin yet too glittery, the sponge applicator also doesn’t help, the hi-lite powder like hardly to stick into it. I also find a little trouble with the super mini tweezer. I think it’s just too small and the tip is just too sharp and may harm your skin. 😦 The mirror also doesn’t help, I still need a bigger one. 😀


This is how I did my brows with this Milani Brow Fix, it’s not bad at all right? At first I can’t do as neat as this, but practice makes perfect right? It takes 1 week or so to get to use with this brow kit and I finally can build the perfect (in my opinion) shape of eyebrows.

Pros: Pigmented, creamy texture, buildable, a bit powdery but it’s ok. 🙂

Cons: too dark shade for hi-lite, the applicators are way too small to work with.

I’m not sure I will repurchase this, and I’m waiting for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony to arrive…review is coming soon! ‘Cause I need something bolder and darker for my eyebrows! 😀


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