[Review] BeautyBlender

Hello Ladies! 😀

It’s been a while, I’m sorry I missed 2 weeks without posting any. Now I’m back with another review! Who never heard about the famous BeautyBlender? It’s like everybody is talking about this tiny stuff within the last 1 year. Well, BeautyBlender provide a new innovation of applying make-up and stole every make-up enthusiasts’s hearts out there in sudden, and replaced the function of foundation brush, sharp angled sponge, even fingers! 😀


 To be honest, I never find it comfortable to apply foundation using a foundation brush. I don’t know, for me foundation brush kinda hard to work with and always takes more time to spread the liquid foundation evenly all over my face. This is why I always use finger to apply foundation, or sponge sometimes, but rarely. 😛 But then, I think I’m tired to always clean my hands up after applying, and remove some foundation that trapped in my nail sometimes. So, why not just give this little stuff a try? 😉

 I’ve been eyeing on this stuff since last year, but the price always made me think thousand times to put this stuff into my shopping cart each time I saw this stuff in online stores. I mean, I just don’t want to spend my $20 for only a single sponge. But then I found a special offer from the Instagram of @beautyblender_indonesia who offer 40% off discount for their 1st 1000 followers. At that time, no need to think twice. Long story short, I purchased, and after I gave this a try, I’m so impressed with the way this sponge can spread liquid and creamy foundation evenly onto my skin…just bounce-bounce-bounce, then you will get flawless finished, and no regret of spent more than $10 just for a tiny sponge. (For me, $10 for a single sponge is still expensive. pfff!)


BeautyBlender is a tear drop-shaped blending sponge, that is very elastic and bouncy but  claimed  as latex free. BeautyBlender come with 3 variants; the original (vibrant fuchsia), pro (black), and pure (white – dye free). The most unique thing about this tiny sponge is when you damp it into the water, the sponge will quickly absorbs the water and become 2x larger than the original size (dry sponge). Even the size is getting bigger, I find it the pointy side of this sponge is still pretty much ergonomic to handle and precisely reaches the special spots like nose, corner of your lips and under eyes. 🙂


Million thoughts right through my mind about this BeautyBlender. How can I clean it? How can I dry it? Will it back to its original smaller size after drying? Will the color fades? and so on. Actually BeautyBlender has also launched special cleanser for the sponge called BlenderCleanser, but I didn’t purchase it, cause the cleanser costs even more expensive than the sponge (what the heck?!). I tried to clean it from foundation stain using baby shampoo but the stain still kinda hard to remove, but then I accidently wash it with Dove Beauty Bar (I’ll post the tutorial of how to clean BeautyBlender in other post, ok?), and the stain melted down easily with soap and water. And yes, the size will back to its original smaller size, but takes 2-3 days to make it completely dry in open air & room temperature. So, if you use it daily you won’t see it shrinks into smaller size day by day. Just give this sponge a break sometimes. 😀

Pros: this product is best applicator I’ve ever used to apply foundation in my life! 😀

Cons: SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!! and the pink dye will fades day by day…you will see a little pinkish color in the soap bubble while you’re washing it (maybe it’s because I don’t use the proper cleanser). If you concern about this dye, then you better choose the BeautyBlender Pure, which is dye-free. 🙂

Okay ladies, that’s all for today…I’ll be back tomorrow to post another review! If you have any alternative tips about washing/taking care of your BeautyBlender, just let me know. ‘Cause since it’s not cheap, I want this product lasts longer! 😛


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