[Review] Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips : #02 Bubble Pink

Maybe some of you already know that I’m not so into any Korean make-up products. If you’re wondering why, it’s because those products can’t even suit my skin tone, I’ve tried some BB things products, but sadly even the darkest shade they provide, still look way too light for my skin. Also all those bitter lipt tint products that I really HATE. Okay, stop complaining, ’cause today I’ll write a review about Korean product, but this is the only exception I guess, ’cause it’s MINNIE MOUSE!!! 😛


 I spent my childhood with lots of Minnie Mouse stuffs around me, all my stuffs were all Minnie Mouse on it, yet I’m such a sucker of cute packaging! So, its obviously I just can’t resist this lippy. It’s Etude House Minnie Kissing Lips : #02 Bubble Pink. Yes it’s collaboration of Etude House X Disney. From these Etude Minnie Mouse series I chose the lipstick ’cause I think I won’t go wrong with it, the other products are eye shadow, blush on & highlighter, false eyelashes, nail polish and nail glitter. 🙂


 You can read from the product’s claim written in the box: “This creamy lipstick provides a hydrating color with a soft shine.” Yes, this lipstick has very creamy texture and glides smoothly on my lips, also give my lips a little sheen finish. This lipstick has nice scent, like light floral perfume which I really like…was nothing I could complain about from this product. But then…shit happened! When I looked at into mirror, the pink does looks cheap and too “shocking” on my lips. I thought it would be very nice soft pink, but once I swatch and go outdoor it looks more like fluorescent pink and looks ugly on me, and I’m sure I won’t touch this lipstick too often…and worse, after some times, like 2-3 hours (without eat/drink activities), the lipstick became very cakey! 😦


It’s kinda hard and tricky for me to find any Korean products that suit me, I didn’t blame them since, Korean make-up is not everyone cup of tea. Maybe all those Korean products invented for eastern Asian girls who have dominant yellow undertone skin, or girls who use tons of whitening cream and tried so hard to look white! 😛 While I’m proud with my tanned brownish skin with more dominant red/very warm undertone. In the swatch pic above the pink looks soft, but trust me that the real color actually bolder than that. Maybe I will wear this lipstick again to go to some parties or I will just blog sale it! 😀

Pros: soft and creamy texture, won’t dry your lips, the packaging is to die for!  ❤

Cons: only available in 2 shades, less option and boring, pricey.

See ya! :*


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