[Review] Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

O zi buna!

No, no, I’m not gonna write a review in Romanian. I just wanted to say greeting in Romanian ’cause its related with today’s product review. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. It’s a facial spray, let’s say it’s the very first facial spray I have bought in my whole life, ’cause I never thought that I will need any facial spray to avoid any skin dehydrating problem since I have very oily skin. 😦 But I decided to buy after I read some reviews that Mario Badescu skin care formula are all skin type friendly.

Oh yeah, and what’s related with Romanian? It’s because I never realize and too much noticed about the name of this skin care before (I thought it was USA products hahaha – but well, it is!), until an annoying Romanian guy I talk to every day (oh hey, hello there! 😛 ), told me that “Badescu” is a Romanian name. Hmm, since then I read more about this skin care products history, and yes, Mario Badescu is a Romanian born chemist and cosmetologist who openned his own Salon & Spa in Manhattan in 1967, he also did extensive research and invented his own skin care line.


Product claim: “Once you tried this rejuvenating facial spray, you won’t want to be without it. Use it to set make-up, soothe your skin in dehydrating conditions or to give your skin a quick boost anytime, anywhere. Lightly mist over face and neck as needed.”


Since I don’t have any skin dehydration problems, I use this product more to set make-up. It makes your make-up lasts longer and make your skin look fresh like you just apply make-up. I also use this product to minimize the powdery look after applying face powder. It gives a little fresh and dewey look after I gave some mists over face, but not too glowy like those Korean “aura volumizer” products. This is why I like, since I really hate oily and glowy look. When I’m using this facial spray, my make-up lasts longer without giving too much re-touch and won’t make your foundation and powder became cakey.


This product has very nice dominant natural rose scent, and the formula as light as water. Won’t left any sticky sensation on my skin after applying. For me, this 118 ml bottle is enough for few months (better use 6 months after opening) and I don’t have any problem with the price either, since it’s really inexpensive and the products lasts for months.

Mario Badescu skin care also claimed as a Celebrity Skin Care: “From Martha Stewart to P. Diddy, and everyone in between, our celebrity skin care client list is a who’s who of the entertainment industry. Celebrities have long flocked to Mario Badescu products and salon treatments as the savior of their skin. Healthy, radiant skin is not just for Hollywood actresses and TV show hosts, however. Try our products or come in to the salon to find out for yourself what celebrity skin care really feels like.” This product also familiar and use by many Hollywood celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey, Cher, Jennifer Aniston, Antonio Banderas, Ben Stiler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Eva Longoria, Faith Hill, and maaaaaany more! This skin care also used for the casts of some popular series like The OC, Sex and the City, and Desperate Housewives. 

Okay ladies, that’s all for today! I’ll be back tomorrow and write another review, ’cause sooo many products are waiting to be reviewed already. For more information about other Mario Badescu skin care products, you can visit the official website www.mariobadescu.com or www.mariobadescu.ro 🙂

Have you tried any Mario Badescu skin care products? Which one is your favorite? 🙂


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