[Review] The Balm : Bahama Mama Bronzer

Since I’m a newbie with make-up, so this is the very first bronzer/contouring powder I bought. I thought that bronzer is not really as important as blusher, but once I gave it a try, now I can’t live without this bronzer. It’s Bahama Mama Bronzer by The Balm. At first, before I decided to buy this, I was in dilemma of choosing between Betty Lou Manizer or this Bahama Mama. Betty Lou Manizer is shimmer while Bahama Mama is matte. But then I thought I’ll go for the matte one, so it looks more natural and daily make-up friendly, yet I have already an oily skin, so after some times, my cheek will shows its own glow hihihi. 😛


This bronzer came with tiny card box magnetic packaging, but the design is very eye-cathy (I have noticed that all the balm products have very interesting designs and names!). There’s a print of tanned skin girl using Hawaiian Costumes sitting with beach as the background and has yellow as dominant color of this packaging. Once I opened it, I can see medium size of mirror that enough to use to apply this bronzer.

This bronzer has very much intense and pigmented color and showed up pretty good on my medium-dark skin. The $20 price (at The Balm official site), worth the quality, but I bought this at 195.000 rupiah (around $18, bought at old price) only from an online store here, included shipping fee, hihi. Lucky me! But there’s something I should warn or give you a suggestion: never use harsh brush to swipe this bronzer, cause the texture, imo, kind of powdery ,and the flakey powder will instantly made the packaging all dirty after the very first swipe! Nooooo! 😦 So, it’s better to use very soft angled contouring brush and lightly dab the pact instead of swipe. Yes, dab. Not swipe. Never.


I use this product for my daily make-up even without any blusher, or actually this bronzer already replaced my former to go-blusher. This 7.08 grams packaging is enough for 1 year I guess, cause since the color is very deep and intense, all I need is just put a little for each cheek and lower jaw to minimize the chubby-ness (Yes! This would be the first world problem for girls with round face bones/chubby cheek to live without bronzer/contouring powder), and this product also gives me instant sun-kissed look that will lasts all day long. You can use this bronzer to contour your nose bridge or forehead too, or you can use this as an eyeshadow to define the crease. 🙂

Pros: Very much deep, pigmented, and intense brown color with no orange undertone, and it’s MATTE! Suitable for everyday use.

Cons: The powdery texture and pricey! 😛

Does anyone also can’t live without a bronzer just like me, here? Give me a high five! 😀


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