[Review] SLEEK i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette


Hi pretties!

It’s me again! 😀 Since I got my laptop fixed, now I promise you all I will blog more often, and today I’ll review about SLEEK i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette. This baby arrived right upon my doorstep just today, and I was just too excited while unboxing the package. I’ve been tired an bored with all the neutral palettes I have, so I decided to buy this palette. 😀


The packaging itself made of very sturdy plastic, looks simple but doesn’t look cheap. When I opened it, the palette covered with plastic written each names of the eye shadows. This palette also came with big mirror and nice double ended sponge applicator. I bought this baby in a seller that IMHO, they kind of careless to handle fragile things like this. I was so disappointed when unboxing the package and found this baby wrapped in only a layer of thin bubble wraps. I bought some other products online and the sellers gave me better packaging than this. But Thank God the palette still all okay. Pheew!


Now, back to the review. This palette came with 12 matte neon colors. The pigmentation is very good, even though I found some colors like CHILL (very soft blue), CRETE (soft grey), POW! (matte white) look somewhat too similar in my NC35 skin and a bit chalky. While my favorite from this palette are POUT, BAMM!, BOLT and STRIKE. The rest of the colors are all okay, I have no problems with too chalky/powdery texture. All the colors are blend-able and very easy to work with even if you’re a newbie in make-up. This palette also has long lasting formula and won’t fade easily over/without primer.


Some of you might think that this palette is not wearable for daily make up. Well of course, you are right. 😀 This palette can’t work alone, IMHO, still need some neutral shade companion to work with. This palette would be perfect if the soft blue replaced by deep matte brown and the soft grey replaced by matte black, so we can use those colors to define the crease and use as liner. Overall, I really love this palette since I never bought any palette in all matte and all brights colors before. Anyway, I’m on lipstick spending band ’til February, so now I buy eye shadow/palettes more, and still waiting for my Coastal Scents and MUA palettes to arrive. Maybe next month I will have eye shadow spending band too? 😛

Have you tried any SLEEK i-Divine palettes, Ladies? What’s your favorite? 🙂


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