[Review] e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color : #2005 Luxe

Do you have any idea ladies, what’s the cheapest eyeshadow on earth yet has superb quality and cruelty free? I think I vote for this one: e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color : #2005 Luxe. e.l.f is a well-known cosmetics brand from USA that claimed and promised us this point: “Our vision is to empower and educate women to play in innovation without sacrificing their budget. We offer a complete line of makeup and professional tools—all at an extreme value price!”. Indeed, I agree with the statements! 😀


This product costs only $1 on the e.l.f. official website, I was so surprised! OMG, this is extremely cheap. I got this products $7 for 3 pieces (the other shades are Ocean Dreams and Punk Funk…but this one is my fave, so I have chosen this one to review! 😉 ). $7 for 3 pieces, is not bad at all, huh? Of course it costs more expensive here, cause it’s imported. But for me, this product still count as the cheapest imported make-up brand I can find so far. Still even cheaper than some local cosmetic brands here. 😀


The packaging of this eyeshadow quad is very tiny, came with super-tiny mirror (way tooooo small, and useless, IMHO! I can’t even peek! 😦 ), and tiny double-ended sponge applicator that does look cheap, but it doesn’t matter, ’cause I can still use it very well. For me, the packaging is not really important. The most important is how I found this product has very good pigmentation, vibrant colors, and long wearing formula!


Here’s the swatch, my favorite from this quad is that metallic red! The color very vivid and outstanding among all. At first I’m kind of scared to wear red eyeshadow, but this one just look great on my eyes though. The 2nd color I love from this quad is the gold. What a pretty color for highlighter along my brow bones! 🙂

Pros: SUPERRRR CHEAP! Great pigmentation, long lasting.

Cons: The packaging sucks! Especially the tiny mirror and that cheap applicator. Better no mirror at all. 😦

Have you tried other shades of this e.l.f Brightening Eye Color, ladies? Let me know! 😉


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