[Review] NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors : #LSS529 THALIA

Howdy, Ladies!

How’s your holiday going? I hope all of you really enjoying it just like I do! Well, I’ve been resting a while, ’cause something real bad happened to my both ears, and I lost like 70% of my hearing recently. This kinda made me sad, but Thank God everything got better  now and I can blog again. Today I’ll write a short review about my another MLBB lipstick, it’s NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors : #LSS529 THALIA. I don’t really remember why I bought this shade, I was in a hurry and the NYX’s Beauty Advisor suggested me this shade, ’cause all I know this is one of the best selling shade of NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors.


This shade is very suitable for everyday wear. You can wear this to school, work, or hangout. If you look for another neutral shade for daily wear, this shade might be the right one to choose, especially if you’re kinda bored with nude lipstick. The soft pink-mauve is just a perfect shade to covered my darkened upper lip. The texture also very creamy and it glides smoothly on my lips. It’s not a matte lipstick, but has very least sheen which I really like. 😉


Pros: Pretty shade, soft, and creamy texture!

Cons: It’s better to scrub/exfoliate your lips first before wearing this kind of creamy lippy, cause flaky dead skin will only make your lips look uglier. (just like my lips, see picture above! sorry for the poor swatch! >.<) Please avoid wearing creamy lipstick if you feel that your lips is too dry, or put some lip balm first 🙂

See you soon! Enjoy your Holiday, pretties! 😀


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