[FOTD] Santa Baby


Even I’m not celebrating Christmas, Christmas will always be my favorite holiday! Where malls decorated with fancy winter theme and playing Christmas carols all day. I always can’t hide my excitement each time I hear cheering Christmas songs like Winter Wonderland, Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, Sleigh Ride, or Jingle Bell Rock! I can’t help myself singing and dancing on it, sometimes I sing out loud when there’s only instrumental playing of those songs like Karaoke! 😀

When I was little, I also spent my time queuing for a gift from “fake” Santa Claus at the malls with other kids who celebrate it. (Uuu…sneaky!) And taken a pic with him too! My excitement today represents this #FOTD. With red-green color blocking eyeshadow, and gradient lips (you can get the tutorial by clicking here ), I love to play with these Christmas colors! 🙂


Of course you can wear this look to Christmas Party with friends and relatives tonight, bring it on with your favorite dress and shoes, and show them, that you are a truly Santa Baby! 😉



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