DD cream? | Another alphabetic cream

DD-creamBB, CC, and now DD cream…? Make up industries keep on improving alphabetic creams. After the popularity of BB and CC cream, they now invented DD cream. Maybe next they will also invent EE to ZZ cream with so much more improvement formula. We’ll never know! 😀

DD-cream-01There are some DD cream products I can found in Google. It’s only a few brands that already launched their DD cream products, I also haven’t seen any DD cream products in any stores here with my own eyes yet. In Indonesia BB cream still in the top of popularity than CC cream, cause the affordable CC cream still kinda hard to find here. What I really love from Indonesian people is, they don’t seem really care about these alphabetic cream. Yes, people here still love the old-classic foundation! Including me. Why? Simple, ’cause in my opinion, BB or either CC cream is not kind of tropical weather-friendly cream. They broke down and ruined easily by sweat and oil. At least that’s what I experienced from some drugstore or Korean BB cream products, (I tried 2 kinds of BB cream from E***e, both are expensive but all came sucks!) I never repurchase any of those brand! 😛


Now, let’s see what’s the differences between all these three alphabetic cream. BB and CC cream has that sheer coverage which I really HATE. They concealed dark spots, or acne scars poorly, and almost concealed nothing. Why they claimed these as “skin-perfection cream”?, it’s non-sense. BB and CC cream also contains too much oil base moisturizer that will only left greasy-look on my face (while Korean make-up lovers say it’s “glowy” or “dewey” look, WTH?) all day and followed by giving me white/black heads cause those cream kind of clogged pores. 😦 They claimed can even out skin, but those cream just didn’t work for me.

The good news about the new DD cream is, it has more build-able tint/coverage. I expected they would be as good as classic foundations that can give perfect skin coverage. I’m still skeptical though, cause usually this alphabetic cream invented for people with dry to normal skin. I said these won’t really work for Indonesian skin cause Indonesian people has more combination to oily skin type, or acne prone skin. I still wish someday they will invented BB/CC/DD gel or any oil-free based face primer that have better coverage, give mattifying-finished instead of glowy or greasy, and more tropical skin and weather friendly.

So, what’s your opinion about these alphabetic cream, girls? 😉


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