[Review] Maybelline the Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara

Hi ladies! 😀

How much does a mascara mean for you? For me, it means a lot! Why? Because my lashes are so poor, very short and transparent. I almost have no lashes at all. Today’s review is about my current favorite mascara: Maybelline the Rocket Volum’ Express mascara.


This is the latest mascara product from Maybelline. The packaging is cute and has rocket look-alike shape tube in electric blue with fluorescent pink lettering. This product came with new “Revolutionary Ultra-Sonic Brush” and claimed will gives you 8x explosive volume and clump free! The brush tip is kind of chubby, with lots of “spikes” around it. It’s different than other  mascara products launched by Maybelline before. This product is a washable mascara. I don’t know whether Maybelline will also release the waterproof version of this in Asia or not, ’cause in the US, there are 2 kinds of this mascara, washable and waterproof.

maybelline-rocket-volum-express-mascara-review-02This mascara is very easy to apply. I really like the spikey brush, it really separates and extends my lashes. Even works very well for my lower lashes!! To add the volume, you can just add some extra coat, but don’t wait until the 1st coat getting dry, ’cause this will only give you clumps.

maybelline-rocket-volum-express-mascara-review-03(please excuse my ugly eye! >.<)

Even this product is washable, it doesn’t mean this mascara will easily ruined by water, tears or sweat. The term of “washable” here easy to remove and clean than the waterproof one. I don’t have any bad experience using this washable mascara, not even give me those panda’s eyes or gothic look under my eyes after washing face or wudhu. 🙂

Pros: I really love the brush! Really can separates and extends my lashes. Build-able volume and easy to remove & clean.

Cons: Still give me clumps! And don’t give me “massive” volume like I expected, but it’s not bad all for “lash-less person” like me. Maybe this mascara will works even better in people with better lashes than me.

Overall, I like this products though. And I plan to repurchase if Maybelline will launch the waterproof version! 😀


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