[Review] REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: 040 Rendezvous

Hey pretties! 😉

Today I’ll review about my current holy grail product. This is an orange balm stain in cute and colorful chubby crayon tube packaging. I’m so obsessed with this product, I can wear this daily in the whole week. So, are you curious what product is this? Taa daa…! This is REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: 040 Rendezvous. Well, at the first glance, I was a bit skeptical about the bright true-orange color, but once I gave it a try, there was an instant lovestruck! This product goes on the #1 list of my favorite products and left all my other lipstick behind.


I have a little story about buying this product. I remember what “mba-mba SPG REVLON” told me at the very 1st time I gave this product a try: “Kak, this color is is the most wanted one from all these series, it sold out in other malls/department store here in Surabaya, – surely you can check about this. I recommend you to buy this product today, it looks good on you, really – ’cause we don’t have much stocks of this.” I was still skeptical with that, and thought that was their selling-strategy, like “Oh, really? But I don’t have enough confident to wear orange color yet…I’ll make up my mind, okay? I’ll be back if I really want it hehehe…” Then I left REVLON booth that day without buying any.

But worse, since then, this orange chubby crayon kinda haunted me for few days…I just couldn’t get this product outta my mind. Then 1 week later, I decided to go to REVLON booth in three other huge malls here, and those “mba-mba SPG” were right, this product sold out everywhere! Oh my…I almost cried, I regret I didn’t buy this product that day. But then I go back to the 1st mall I went to, where I gave this product a swatch for the 1st time…Thank God, there were still the last 2 pcs of this product left! And I bought them all, ’cause I don’t wanna lose this baby anymore…haha! :’) Okay, my story might sound a bit exaggerating, but that’s what happened. Now let’s back to the review. 😀

revlon-just-bitten-kissable-rendezvous-02First, this product has very good stain-lasting formula. If you wear this in the evening and don’t use any special eyes/lips make-up remover, the stain will stays on your lips til the next morning! And you don’t need to be often re-apply this product after eat-drink-kiss activities. Definitely won’t left sticky stain on the glass, spoon, or your boyfie’s lips! :p Second, this product has yummy peppermint-candy scent, that makes me want to lick it sometimes. LOL. But if you don’t like scented lipstick/balm, no need to worries, ’cause the scent will gradually fades quickly and tasteless. Sure it won’t disturb your eat-drink-taste activities. This product is different than other lip stain products that sometimes have slightly bitter and disturbing aftertaste. Third, the color is very build-able, you can put thin layer on your lips to get natural look, or you can add extra layers for bolder color. Fourth, this product has smooth texture and formula to keep your lips stay moisturize (of course, it’s a balm!). At the 1st application, this product might has a little sheen (personally, I go for matte than sheeny/glossy look), but later the sheen will also fades, but still left gorgeous stain on your lips and give you natural MLBB (My Lips But Better) – look. Some people said they feel kind of drying lips after wear this product for few hours, but I didn’t experience that at all. So, I think results may vary in every person. 😉


Pros: All those things I mentioned above! ❤

Cons: Nothing! But maybe this product a bit pricey for 2.7 grams stick. (The tube is that long, but the balm length not even the half of the tube. Very short!) I purchased this at 80.000 IDR. or around $ 7-8. But that doesn’t really matter, I’m okay with that ’cause the formula really worth the price.

Repurchase? For sure! I want to try other shades too! 😀

I recommend all of you to buy this product, ’cause do you know that orange color will be the new hit in 2014? This product definitely will be the must-have-item. Let’s countdown how many days remaining in 2013 and make sure you found this product in REVLON booth nearby or online (since this shade is very rare!). I can assure you, this color is still pretty much wearable even if you don’t have enough confident to wear bright orange lipstick like me. 😉

Kisses! :*


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