[Review] L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense Lipstick : 376 Cassis Passion

Personally, I’m not so in to any red shades lipstick. Somehow I don’t have enough confident to wear it daily. Since I have full-wide lip, sometimes I feel that I look like a clown when I wear it. Not just an ordinary clown, but the creepy clown as seen on horror movies. Red lipstick made look naughtier, eviler, and creepier hahaha. 😀 I can’t deny that red lipstick is a must have item in every women’s vanity case, cause this color is just very classic and never out of date and trend. You can wear it anytime you like. But since this is an essential item, and I needed this for special occasion like concert, attending wedding party, and other formal occasions, I have to buy it, whether I like to wear it or not. This is why I always picky about choosing the right red color that suits my skin tone.


So, now I’m gonna review about one of red lipstick I have: L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense Lipstick : 376 Cassis Passion. This is the very first L’Oreal ‘s make-up  product that I bought. I was walking around in a department store and gave a try some eyeshadow and lipstick, then suddenly this little baby just stole my heart. At the first glance, this lipstick looks like red wine color, but after I gave it a swatch (on my hand) surprisingly it wasn’t a true red color but more like red with slightly deep fuchsia/hot pink, and then I tried this on my lips, and the fuchsia-red turned out a little softer. Good news, it looks good on my lips!

This lipstick contains a unique ingredient that we can’t find in every lipstick products out there. Omega 3.  What?? Omega 3?? Yes, Omega 3. Usually we found Omega 3 in food with high proteins like cod fish or egg, but now we found Omega 3 on a lipstick! I found it a little strange, but after I read at some sources, they said Omega 3 is good to moisturize your lip and helps to conceal wrinkles and makes your lips look even smoother.


Okay, now here’s the swatch. As you can see on the tube, this lipstick actually recommended for people with blonde hair (but why the heck they sold it here, since no one in Indonesia has natural blonde hair??). But that doesn’t really matter, cause I still can pull the color out even I don’t have blonde hair or fair skin tone. Things I don’t really like from this lipstick is maybe the texture, its too smooth and kind of slippery to wear. It’s better to wear it with applicator, cause I tried to wear it directly from the tube but this lipstick just always gets out of my lip line, and almost bring that clown’s lip back. Well, I’m not really good at applying red lipstick directly from the tube. Really. (see how messed my lip looks like on the pic above, I applied this product directly from the tube hihi.). Aaaand I hate the price too. It costs more than $10 here. Pfff.

Pros: Very intense color and contains unique ingredient: Omega 3.

Cons: The slippery texture and the price! :p

That’s all my review, folks! See ya later! :*


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