[FOTD] Bollywood’s Babe


Hey everyone!

This is my 2nd #FOTD on this blog, and I called it “Bollywood’s Babe” look. This look takes me back to my childhood memories, where I grew up watching Bollywood movies e-ve-ry-day after school on local TV channel. I always amazed with how Indian women dress daily in the movies. They wear multicolor “Saree” dress and beautiful jewelry in their forehead called “Bindi” . But you know what? things I envy most from Indian actress is their flat tummy!! And of course their make-ups! 😀


Most Indian women gifted with beautiful big round eyes, usually in brown or black. They have very nice nose too (ugh! I hate my flat nose…this makes me look like peaknose cat. Let’s better stop talking about nose. 😦 ) For their make-up signature, Indian women like to wear black eyeliner called “Kajal” (Since some men wear that too, I think it’s the part of their cultures & traditions). This kind of eyeliner also adapted by some cosmetic lines and recently launched their own Kajal product.

Doing Indian eye make-up is kinda tricky for me, since my eye’s shape is not that big. But Kajal feat. black matte eye shadow really helped me to create a pair of dramatic Bollywood eyes. Since my eyelid is not that big like Indian women, when i tried to put full black kajal like the authentic Indian women eye make-up, my eyes became too smokey like panda’s eyes hahaha! Then I re-built the color by adding purple & gold eye shadows to fix it. For the last touch, I wear false eyelashes, cause my own lashes are very short! :p I also learned how to turn Asian eyes into Bollywood eyes from Promise Phan ‘s channel (Aishwarya Rai make-up transformation). The way she transformed herself into Aishwarya Rai inspired me and challenged myself to do this #FOTD.  Anyway, I don’t think this #FOTD ‘s result is “Bollywood enough”, ’cause I still need to learn more and more make-up skills, but I’m quite satisfied with how I made my eyes look bigger this time! 😀

So, somebody wants to dance with me in the rain?


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