[Review] REVLON ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze: #505 Neverending Nude

Mom bought me this few months ago. She knew that I’m such a diehard fan of nude lipstick and lip gloss, lip glaze, lip creme, etc. I just love how I keep my lip in natural color daily. Anyway, this is the very first time for me to try this REVLON ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze: #505 Neverending Nude, (I tried other kind of lip glosses products from Revlon). This product came with a curvy hour glass-shape bottle and the doe foot applicator. It’s nothing really special from the packaging, but I was curious with mineral ingredients on it.



Here’s the swatch! Well, the color is slightly looks more coral/orange nude, and somehow I feel this  color way too orange for my skin. So didn’t wear this too often. Maybe just 2-3 times. (I’m sure Mom just randomly bought without even gave this product any try or swatch, huhu…but thanks, Mom!) If you have brighter & fairer skin than me, I’m sure this color looks better on ya! 😉 By the name “lip glaze” I was expecting something glossy and will give my lip “glazy” look with a little glitter on it, but I was surprised! ’cause the texture is more like semi-matte lip creme instead of lip gloss. This product is similar with NYX lip creme. (the swatch might look a little shiny, it wasn’t a glossy effect but more like reflection of the wetness).

I really love this product’s texture, which is less sticky and kind of long lasting. Even after 4-5 hours (eat & drink activities included), the color still remains about 60%. Still left lip stain on the glass or spoon, but it’s still ok and need no retouch. What a good formula. 😀 And the color also very intense, just put a little amount of this lip glaze…then spread spread spread using the applicator, then the color will evenly covered your lip very well.


This is how this product looks like when I applied on my lip. Sorry about the picture quality, the real and more accurate swatch is the one i tried in my hand. This picture was taken outdoor with my cell phone’s camera. I swear the real color wasn’t this shiny.  😀


Pros: Love the “lip creme look alike” texture and the long lasting formula. Has very intense color.

Cons: I think they should improve the long lasting formula, so won’t left stain on the glass/spoon/clothes, etc.

I don’t know about the price since it was a gift, hehe. But I’m sure this product costs more expensive than other Revlon lip glosses products.

Catch me later on the next post! Love ya! 😉


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