Why get NAKED all over again? Which NAKED Palette series suits you best?


NAKED Palette is the best selling palette series ever from Urban Decay. I’m sure almost every woman in the world ever put at least one of the series in their wish list. This palette also became must-have-items in every make-up lover’s vanity cases for the last 3 years. The big issues lately are about the brand new NAKED3 Palette with it’s 12 never-before-seen rose gold-hued colors. Why more NAKED series from Urban Decay? ’cause women just never get enough about neutral colors. This brilliant idea also followed by other make-up line by launched their neutral colors palette.

These palette also getting better and better at the packaging. The original NAKED came in a dark velvety case, which is more simple look. Less is more. While NAKED2 came with taupe-metal color tin case (represents this series, taupe-hued colors), with NAKED2 embossed logo which is more sturdy and will make your eye shadows safer. The brand new NAKED3 came with the same tin case like the previous series NAKED2, but it has more luxurious look. The rose gold tin represents the pinkish rosy gold-hued of this series, and something interesting about this palette is the tin case’s surface, reminds me of Tim Tam chocolate sandwich biscuit. LOL. Now, I’m craving for doing Tim Tam slam!


Okay. We all know these palette series always this tempting. It’s like almost every woman says “OMG…I want this so bad!” each time Urban Decay launched the new series. But is it necessary for us to own them all? Well, if you have much money to spend and can afford all those 3 palette, why not? But if you have lower budget, I don’t think you have to force yourself to buy them all. I did that too, I yelled “OMG…I want thissss!”. I own NAKED2, but I don’t know yet if I will buy another 2 of this series, ’cause actually NAKED2 just not really look good on my skin. 😦 Well, Urban Decay understand that their palettes are not cheap, ’cause price represents qualities. Urban Decay’s palettes well known as good products with Pigment Infusion System™, which is very pigmented, build-able and blend-able colors. So, if we have to choose which  NAKED series that suits our skin best, actually Urban Decay give us a little hint for that  by launched each palette in different dominant hue.


Take a look at the picture above. I think it’s clear for everyone to know and choose which NAKED that suits on our skin best. The original NAKED is dominant with bronze neutrals color, which will look best on warm undertone skin. While NAKED2 dominant with taupe neutrals and some silver-greyish color which I’m sure it will look best on pale princess with cool undertone skin, and people who love to wear smokey look a lot! See? I own the “wrong” NAKED series, I should ‘ve bought the original NAKED that might suits my skin better. The brand new NAKED3 is dominant with rose gold and pinkish color, even the darker color on this palette has rosy-red micro glitters – thing that made me craving for this palette most! I think this color just brilliant and adorable! I love pink, but I’m not the kind of girls who wear pink eye shadow. Pink never look good on my brownie-tanned Asian skin. Maybe other Asian princess with more yellowish skin and have neutral undertone will be able to wear this. 🙂 This is why very important to know your skin’s undertone, so you won’t spent your money to buy “wrong” make-up palette or have “Products I regret to buy list”. So, have you decide yet? Which NAKED Palette series suits you best? 😉

(*images source: urbandecay.com)


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