[FOTD] Tropical Mermaid look with Too Faced Summer Eyes palette



Do you still remember, what’s your favorite fairy tale or who’s your favorite Disney’s Princess when you were little? or are you girls just like me, who’s still watching Disney’s channel until now? (I am 26, but still love to watch Disney’s channel. Until now! :D) Well, Little Mermaid will always be my favorite fairy tale and Ariel is my favorite Disney’s Princess ever. Why? because I think a mermaid is an extra ordinary creature, she’s strong; can survive in both water and land, she’s brave, she’s playful, but in other side, she’s feminine and lovely too! In other stories about mermaid, she fought for love and sacrificed herself for someone she loved too. Aww!

Mermaid usually described as long haired princess, with human body and fish tail. But don’t forget that mermaid is kind of amazingly so into fashion creature too, she wears seashell as her bra, starfish as hairpin, and pearls as her jewelry. Sometimes I wish that mermaids were real… Aha! Why not try to turn yourself into one of this inspiring creatures? 😉

This is my very 1st #FOTD on this blog, and inspired by the mermaid fairy tales. This look called “Tropical Mermaid”, represents a mermaid who really loves enjoying sunsets in an exotic tropical beach while exposing her beautiful tanned human skin. I wear Too Faced Summer Eyes palette for this look, but I broke the Glamour Guide – well, rules are meant to be broken, right? :p ’cause I really love doing more experiment with colors. This look combined natural brown lid with pearly pink highlight and gold-blue lower lash line. I also added an extra “statement” for this look by creating “fish tail” with black liquid eyeliner. It’s easy to apply, if you ever done double winged-eyeliner before, I’m sure you can do this too! For tutorial you can see the steps on the picture below. 😉

Too Faced Summer Eyes tutorial

To get more into an exotic Tropical Mermaid look, use bronzer to contour your face and to give extra glow. For your lip, you can wear coral/nude lipstick and coat it with clear lip gloss to get the “wet look” lip. No need extra effort hair do for this look, just naturally untie your hair and show its natural texture and volume. Last, you can put pearl/flower/shell-embellished hair pin! Now you’re done! This look is very easy to follow and I think also wearable, ’cause the eye make up still looks natural as well, but with an extra “statement”! Anyway, I used Too Faced Summer Eyes-replica, but if you own the original one and want try this tutorial, I’m sure your look will be much much better than mine! So, are you ready to live a day as an exotic Tropical Mermaid? 🙂

(*for Too Faced Summer Eyes palette-replica’s review & swatches, you can click here)

See ya! 😉


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