[Review] Too Faced Summer Eyes – replica

So, 4 days ago I bought Too Faced Summer Eyes palette. But this one is the replica. We can’t deny that fake/counterfeit/replica products all around us. You can find it everywhere, even on eBay or Amazon. Fake products nowadays come with many premium brands, not only M.A.C, but now also Urban Decay, Benefit, and this Too Faced. I saw many beauty blogger/vlogger that reviewed some counterfeit products, and I don’t think those fake products are that bad. Some of them even recommended us to buy the counterfeit because it costs way cheaper with almost /same quality just like the authentic one. Well, since I saw other blogger/vlogger put those premium authentic products as “Products I regret to buy”, so I think it’s okay to buy the replica. 

There are some things you should notice that replica products might contain toxic or other bad chemicals that might harm your skin. But since so many people use replica products and they’re skin just all alright, so personally I don’t really worry about that. But if you have sensitive skin, better avoid to use the products, cause we never knew what the exact ingredients of those fake products. Duplication/piracy also a crime. If you concern about this, then don’t buy. So, all it’s up to you, keep your opinion for your own. Don’t judge people who bought fake things, they have their own reason to buy. 😀

Ok, back to this product! I found the seller months ago, when they started to sell this fake palette in $15, but I waited for reprice. Reprice, reprice, reprice, until now the final price $4. LOL. At least the seller is the honest one, if this is a replica, they will say replica. Some seller in Amazon even worse, they said they sell authentic product, but the fact they sent the replica. Okay, now let’s check this product!


Seeing any differences? The packaging is just exactly same with the original, with that adorable embossed tin case & the Glamour Guide. I just can’t stand those seashell, pearl, flower, and starfish print with blue ocean background at the tin case. Oh-So-Lovely! This is my weakness. I can’t ever resist cute packaging…who can? Maybe if you look a little closer you might find some typo lettering, like in card box written “© 2013″ while in the tin case written ” © 2012″, and some other missed type.  But who cares? :p


Now, let’s see how it looks like at the inside… Taa daa! Once you opened the case, you can see that the colors are slightly different with the authentic one. Especially the Mermaid. Mermaid should be in muted teal/aqua color, not electric blue just like that. But after the swatch, the electric blue color turns out softer. I dislike the Plumeria most. 1st, the pink metalic color just never suits my skin. 2nd, this color has too much flakey glitter and way too powdery. Fall out here and there, even left glitter on my cheek which is kinda hard to remove. Pfff.

Cocoa Sand also has glitter, but not as bad as Plumeria. My favorite colors from this palette are Chocolate Sun, it also contains micro glitters, but the color just lovely, help me to create deep brown natural (very natural! I thought it would be smokey) crease shade. I also love Toasted Coconut, give me natural naked eyes look and blend perfectly with my skin tone. For the pinkish tone, I go for Seashell instead of Plumeria. I’m curious with the previous edition of this palette, with the “Sugar Sand” which now replaced by Seashell. Actually this palette lauched for summer look, but I think the colors still wearable for the whole year (Since Indonesia have the whole-year-summer, so I really mean it “the whole year” haha). But please avoid those glittery shades for school/work daily make up. Over all, I said “YAY” for the matte & sateen finished colors and “BIG NAY” for the flakey-powdery-glittery colors. You can see the color swatches on the picture below:


(click the image for larger & actual pic size, I hate the way this theme can’t automatically adjust the page width 😦 !)

In the box written “to ensure you’ll be transformed into a tantalizing tropical tease!” I expected this palette will suits on warm undertone skin like mine. But why some colors just don’t even want to show up on my tropical tanned skin? :p Well, I think this palette will be more suits on people with cool undertone skin.

Pros: The packaging is too die for! and since this very cheap $4, I didn’t regret to buy. 😀 Some colors also quite pigmented and adorable, especially those chocolate and blue shades!

Cons: Some colors (especially Plumeria & Cocoa Beach) have too much flakey glitters on it. Not micro glitter, but big flakey glitter. Fall out everywhere and poor pigmentation. Even more suits for cool undertone skin.

Overal rate: 4.5/10

P.S.: Well, sometimes buying a fake/counterfeit make-up is not a sin, it’s actually for your knowledge too, cause this will help you to recognize and be more into details about any products. Some fake/counterfeit products are not that bad, some have exactly same quality with the authentic one. It’s better regret buying “bad quality” fake/counterfeit product, than regret after buying the authentic but the product just don’t suit your skin, right? :p

I’ll do some looks with this palette. I’ll post later. See ya! 😉


6 thoughts on “[Review] Too Faced Summer Eyes – replica

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  2. Thanks for your review & pictures! It’s refreshing to read a review of someone who knowingly bought a replica.
    My ‘Naked 2’ were my only go-to-eyeshadows for weeks and weeks (and it’s not that I didn’t have Guerlain or Dior b/c I do).
    I just ordered this for about the same price you paid, also the Natural Eyes version, which I have the original of, in the old packaging. They’ll take a few weeks from China though.. 😉

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