[Recipe] How to make Sleeping Rilakkuma Omurice Bento

I’ve been eye-ing on some bento tutorials and tools lately, and really wish to try at least one bento-set. Well, Kawaii things always worth more money, you know that bento tools are kind of pricey here cause those things are all imported from Japan. Today, I finally tried the easiest (no need any bento tools) bento tutorial from Youtube. Omurice is Japanese omelette fried rice. This recipe is one of popular Japanese dish which is very fast and easy to cook. Rilakuma also a quite famous character (even not as famous as Hello Kitty), but this teddy bear is cute though. This recipe inspired by Ochikeron and Kawaii Kakkoi Sugoi ‘s channel. I combined both recipes from them to create my own Sleeping Rilakuma Omurice.

Ingredients: (serving 1)

level: even more difficult than I think! Pfff -___-

200 grams – rice, cooked

2 – eggs

1 tbsp – all purpose flour

50 ml – water

1/2 – onion, minced

1 tsp – salt

1 tsp – shoyu

1/2 tsp – pepper

2 tbsp – tomato sauce

oil to fried the eggs and rice

1 cheese slice and a little nori and extra tomato sauce, for decorative purpose

a little mayonnaise, use as glue

100% patience (LOL)

How to make:

1. Mix all purpose flour with water well. Beat 2 eggs, pour the flour-water mixture into the eggs, you can season with salt & pepper, or just let it plain. Mix well.

2. Put a little oil into a flat fry pan, fry the eggs. You can make it 2 batch, so you will get 2 omelette. 1 for Rilakuma’s blanket, you can use another one for pillow, or just make 2 blanket, just in case you flunked. Put the omelette aside.

3. Put a little oil into the fry pan again, add the onion, wait about 2 minutes until tender and smells good, then add rice, tomato sauce, shoyu, salt, and pepper. Mix well. Stir again about 3 minutes, then put the rice aside, and let it rest and cool down.

4. This next step requires 100% or more patience. Really. If you have any bento tools like rice mold or decorative nori puncher, then you’re lucky. Use them. But if you don’t have any bento tools (just like me!), then you have no option, just make everything manually. Ok, now take a cheese slice and make one circle with 2 cm diameter (for Rilakuma’s nose), next make another one circle with 1 cm diameter, divide into two (for Rilakuma’s ears). You can use a toothpick to make circles from the cheese. Next, take a nori sheet, use a scissor make two 1 cm nori strips (for Rilakuma’s eyes), and make “Y” pattern (for Rilakuma’s nose).

5. After the rice became cool. Make two rice balls (as big as tennis ball) from the rice (for Rilakuma’s head and body), you can use rice mold or just use your hand with plastic to shape it. Make another 2 smaller balls from the rice (for Rilakuma’s ears). Last, make a cylinder (5 cm lenght) from the rice (for Rilakuma’s arm). Make sure you make all the Rilakuma’s body parts as solid as you can, I broke the head and ears balls over 3-4 times! It’s like the rice just couldn’t stick to each other if you don’t use any rice mold! Hwaaa T.T

6. Now it’s time to decorate! Put the head and body rice balls on a serving plate, followed by putting both ears. For the “top ear”, you need to flatten a bit the bottom of the rice ball, use a little mayonnaise as glue to make the ear stay on top, then put the arm next to the head. Now. take 1 omelette, cover Rilakuma’s body & arm with it. Roll a bit the top of the omelette, to make the blanket looks more realistic, and showed 1/4 part of Rilakuma’s body & arm. Next, put the nose & ears cheese-pattern to the head, use a little mayonnaise as glue. Last, put the nori eyes and the nose. Draw any pattern on the blanket or write any message you like on the plate with tomato sauce. You can add extra decorations from chicken nuggets, crab sticks, sausages, or vegetables.

7. Now it’s done! Don’t forget to take some pics of your masterpiece. Itadakimasu! …but, I bet you don’t even want to eat this…cause this bento is just too cute to be true! ❤


(Actually I really want to write about the step-by-step tutorial for this, but I was just too busy and concentrate on this. so…no time to take a pic! 😦 Next time I’ll ask my brother to help me with the pictures and better camera (this only a cell phone’s cam), so I don’t have to wash-dry-wash-dry my hands every time hahaha)


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