[Tutorial] How To Shape Your Eyebrows with only an Eyebrow Pencil

For me, eyebrow is something essential. Different shapes will create different looks, so you have to be very careful to find which eyebrow shape that suits your face well. But sometimes we don’t have much time to create perfect eyebrows. So i’ll show you how to do eyebrows in a hurry. It’s quick! only take 1-2 minutes for both eyebrows. No need any eyebrow kits or stencils, just an eyebrow pencil. Simply follow my 4 easy steps! 😉


(*please excuse the dark circle under my eye…I wear no concealer  ~___~*)

What you need:
– brown eyebrow pencil
– brow gel/brow tint/almost dried mascara (optional)
– mirror

Let’s start with bare eyebrow and don’t forget to make sure you sharpen the eyebrow pencil before use, cause it will helps you create fine line. Define your eyebrow, draw lower line and tail…just follow your natural eyebrow line (1.a), then continue with draw upper line, and create the arch (1.b). It would be easier to draw the pattern if you got them plucked first. But if you don’t wanna pluck them because of your religion belief, culture, etc. no problem!

Fill the pattern you made using the eyebrow pencil, fill it until you get the thickness as you desire.

This step is an optional step. Brush your eyebrow using brow gel/brow tint/almost dried mascara. Brush it carefully from the inside direction to the outside along your brow bone. It will give you bolder eyebrow color and makes your eyebrow last longer & stay in shape.

Done. Super easy!! Repeat the same steps for your other eyebrow.


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