[Review] SYOSS Permanent Coloration Dark Ruby Red 5-89

I received a goodie bag from SYOSS Indonesia after I reviewed their Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo & Conditioner on their Facebook Page. The package came with 1 shoulder bag (looks like Longchamp bag, anyway), 1 SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo 400 ml, 1 SYOSS Moisture Intensive Care Conditioner, 1 SYOSS Straight & Shine Glossy Jelly – hair gel (since I’m not a hair gel user, I gave this to my brother :D), and…last but not least, my fave from SYOSS: Permanent Coloration Dark Ruby Red 5-89.



I can’t ever resist Ruby Red, Deep Burgundy, Purple-Red or something looks like Wine color. I tried many brands before, but SYOSS gave me instant lovestruck over its color. The result was intense as well and didn’t leave dryness in my hair after using.

I used this as highlight for my hair, cause I think I will need 1 or 2 more boxes of this, since my hair is very long and thick. Of course I had to bleach my hair before apply this product to my hair, cause this colorant actually more suitable for Medium Blonde-Dark Blonde or Light Brown. My natural hair color is very dark brown so I really really had to bleach it first.


I applied this for my DIY Flame color highlight…the red shade looks very bright and in some parts create ombre red-orange shades, very well blended with my blonde hair after bleaching process. It’s easy to apply cause the box came with applicator bottle and plastic gloves.

Pro: Bright ruby red color & didn’t leave dryness on my hair. Easy to apply with applicator bottle

Cons: Won’t work for natural dark hair. Need bleaching process. If your hair is blonde to light brown, this product might works even better. 🙂

Aaaand…ta daaa! this is my DIY Flame highlight hair… 😀

*I don’t think it’s really good, I’m not an expert in DIY hair, but I love it!*



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