[Review] Sephora Hello Kitty Brush Set – replica

Yayy! Finally I got this Sephora – Hello Kitty brush set (replica)! They look similar with the authentic one, just came with no Hello Kitty container/brush holder and the lip brush is just different. You can find this item on eBay…don’t be surprised if this item costs less than $5, with free shipping from China, hahaha!

The very 1st thing I noticed from this brush set is the size, very tiny (9-11 cm)…more like travel size brush set-or toy brush set for kids! and what I really like from this brush set is, they came with very cute broken white-shocking pink ombre brush tips! But you will lost this excitement as soon as this brush set had contact with your eyeshadow/blush on, cause the color will never be the same again. (this pic taken before the brushes had contact with any make up).

This brush set also came with function-guide on each brush (Face, Eyashadow, Shader, Angled eyeliner, Lip), so if you think that you’re make-up illiterate (just like me! :p), this brush set might help. They’re not really bad to blend eyeshadow/blush on. Actually I dissapointed with the face brush…sucks!!! cause it wasn’t as soft as I expected (or it’s only me that over-expected?). Pff (murah njaluk slamet…LOL!), so I had to put on baby shampoo and conditioner to softened the brush tip. But, don’t worry, the other 4 are better, softer, nice, and sturdy…even they do look very cheap! The face brush actually also got better after “softening” process.

So, here’s the pic…overall rating from me: 4.5/10. 😛

Pro: Pink ombre brush tips – it’s just my weakness over something pink. *sigh*

Cons: All that I mentioned above! 😀

P.S.: go search on google about the authentic brush set review. Spoiler: same. Sucked. Never buy the authentic. This brush set was completely trash and pricey ($40/set)!



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